A new Amazon feature might be coming to Snapchat — and it could give Snap a much-needed revenue boost

  • A recent Android update for Snapchat had something hidden in the code — hints at a future update that could include a collaboration with Amazon.

  • The feature, reported by TechCrunch, would be able to identify objects that the camera is pointed at, then link users to Amazon to purchase the products, if desired.

  • Amazon referral links are a viable way to make money for some businesses, and this could be a new revenue stream for Snap.

Snapchat could be teaming up with Amazon in the near future.

TechCrunch was tipped off to a feature that appears to be in the works for the mobile camera app — which was found in the app's code after a recent Android update.

The feature appears to be able to scan and identify objects that the Snapchat camera is pointed at, and then link users to the Amazon pages for the product.

One line of code contains a prompt that would supposedly appear to users: "Press and hold to identify an object, song, barcode and more!"

Further in the code, there are options to "share product" and "send product," or "see all results at Amazon."

Snap and Amazon both refused to comment to TechCrunch, but the potential feature could be part of an effort to increase revenue for Snap after the company reported a $385 million loss last quarter. There isn't confirmation that there would be an affiliate bonus for Amazon purchases made through Snapchat's referrals, but companies like Wirecutter have been able to stay afloat by relying on referral revenue from linking to Amazon products in their reviews.

Snapchat has around 191 million users per day, Statista estimates, which could make this partnership lucrative if it comes to fruition.

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