Target employees share the 6 worst things about working for the retail chain

  • Target store employees don't love every single aspect of their jobs.

  • That's not surprising — no one does.

  • Still, the 34 current and former team members that Business Insider spoke with shared a number of specific complaints.

  • Rude guests and understaffing are just two of the biggest downsides of Target jobs, according to current and former employees.

Target store team members have bad days on the job, just like everyone else.

But for some employees, certain negative aspects of working at the retail giant stand out.

Business Insider recently corresponded with 34 current and former Target employees. They told us all about the worst and most challenging parts of their jobs. Some of their complaints reflect the nature of retail work, while others may hint at perceived store or chain-wide issues.

Here's what Target team members said they disliked about their jobs:

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