Walmart has a new weapon to take on Amazon

  • Walmart has hired its first chief customer officer, Janey Whiteside.
  • She will oversee all customer-focused initiatives online and in Walmart stores.
  • The move comes as Walmart focuses more and more on the customer experience, and competes with Amazon.

Walmart is placing a renewed focus on the customer.

The retail giant has hired its first chief customer officer, Janey Whiteside. She was previously an executive vice president at American Express, where she managed benefits and services for the financial company, which included customer engagement. 

20 things that are cheaper at Walmart than on Amazon
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20 things that are cheaper at Walmart than on Amazon

1. Dixie paper plates (150-count)

Amazon price: $22.90

Walmart price: $10.97

Difference: 108.75 percent

2. Bounty paper towels (12-pack of super rolls)

Amazon price: $34.86

Walmart price: $21.97

Difference: 58.67 percent

3. Reynolds Wrap heavy-duty aluminum foil (75 square feet)

Amazon price: $5.69

Walmart price: $3.58

Difference: 58.94 percent

4. Dyson v6 cordless vacuum

Amazon price: $355.00

Walmart price: $175.00

Difference: 102.86 percent

5. Stanley Tools 6-piece vinyl-grip screwdriver set

Amazon price: $29.99

Walmart price: $15.11

Difference: 98.48 percent

6. Red Solo Cups (50-pack)

Amazon price: $9.00

Walmart price: $3.88

Difference: 131.96 percent

7. Rachael Ray 15-piece cookware set

Amazon price: $120.59

Walmart price: $99.00

Difference: 21.81 percent

8. Samsung 55-inch 1080p smart TV

Amazon price: $596.44

Walmart price: $547.99

Difference: 8.84 percent

9. Equate 200 mg ibuprofen tablets (1,000 count)

Amazon price: $15.45

Walmart price: $12.97

Difference: 19.12 percent

10. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 Black Luxe Edition headphones

Amazon price: $129.99

Walmart price: $89.10

Difference: 45.89 percent

11. Igloo 28-quart Island Breeze cooler

Amazon price: $29.53

Walmart price: $17.47

Difference: 69.03 percent

12. Stanley Rip Claw fiberglass hammer

Amazon price: $12.99

Walmart price: $7.88

Difference: 64.85 percent

13. Scotch Magic Tape, ½-inch by 450 inches (2-pack)

Amazon price: $5.79

Walmart price: $4.95

Difference: 16.97 percent

14. Keystone Energy Star dehumidifier (50 pint)

Amazon price: $179.00

Walmart price: $164.52

Difference: 8.80 percent

15. Brita large 10-cup water pitcher (with filter)

Amazon price: $39.99

Walmart price: $31.19

Difference: 28.21 percent

16. ProForm Performance 400i treadmill

Amazon price: $599.98

Walmart price: $549.99

Difference: 9.09 percent

17. MD Sports pingpong table

Amazon price: $128.00

Walmart price: $109.00

Difference: 17.43 percent

18. Black + Decker 6-slice convection toaster oven

Amazon price: $53.51

Walmart price: $42.96

Difference: 24.56 percent

Symphony black beveled wall mirror (28 x 34 inches)

Amazon price: $42.95

Walmart price: $24.99

Difference: 71.87 percent

20. Keurig k425 single-serve coffeemaker

Amazon price: $145.99

Walmart price: $129.99

Difference: 12.31 percent


"Janey will play a critical role looking after our brand and thinking through the customer journey - from acquiring new customers to their shopping experience and resolving any issues they may have," Walmart's announcement to employees about the hire reads, according to Reuters.

The move comes as Walmart is striving to improve its offerings for customers both online and in its stores as competition among retailers grows ever more fierce. It has embarked on programs to renovate and improve the experience for customers in stores.

This comes as it refreshes its online presence as well, and offers customer-friendly initiatives like free 2-day shipping over $35 and speedy returns in-store for online purchases. 

With these initiatives, Walmart has likely also seen that customers respond favorably.

"This new role is a step change for Walmart and it reflects the company’s passion for keeping the customer at the center of everything it does," Whiteside wrote in her LinkedIn post announcing her hiring.

These services cut into profit margins and are logistically difficult to install, but Walmart did it because it knew it needed an offering to compete with Amazon's well-oiled machine.

Amazon's famous "customer-obsessed" mindset is one of the most important things that has seen it dominate online, with nearly 50% market share at peak online shopping periods. Walmart is now looking to go toe-toe with that behemoth, and this new executive position will be just one of those ways it hopes to get ahead.

Walmart has its own weapons to bring to the war, however, like its thousands of stores spread throughout the US.

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