Toys R Us posts touching final message on last day of business: 'Play on!'

Toys R Us posted a touching final message on its last day of business.

The chain is closing its doors after filing for bankruptcy last September. In March, Toys R Us announced it was shuttering its remaining stores for good after 70 years.

"Thanks to each of you who shared your amazing journey to (and through) parenthood with us, and to every grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother and sister who's built a couch-cushion rocket ship, made up a hero adventure, or invented something gooey. "Promise us just this one thing: Don't ever grow up. Play on!"" the company posted on its website.

Meanwhile, a picture posted Wednesday of the chain's mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe, with his luggage packed up and ready to go quickly went viral, garnering nearly 300,000 shares by Friday morning.

As Friday approached, visited a few of the last remaining stores around New York. The shelves were barren, and customers seemed distraught and confused.

"I’m sad," Tina Ohemenj said. "I love, I mean, Babies R Us and Toys R Us. I’ve been buying for my grandkids so I don’t want them to go away."

"If I’m sad about anything," added Gene Adams, "It’s the loss of jobs for the people who work there."

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