These 5 restaurant chains are taking over America

  • The fastest-growing restaurant chain in the United States is a pizza brand that many Americans have likely never visited.

  • Trade publication Nation's Restaurant News just released a list of the chains that grew the fastest in the US over the past year.

  • Chains including MOD Pizza, Blaze Pizza, and Shake Shack topped the list.

Up-and-coming pizza chains are taking America by storm.

In June, Nation's Restaurant News released its annual Top 200 list, which included a breakdown of the 10 fastest-growing chains as measured by American sales growth in 2017.

While these chains aren't necessarily the biggest in the United States, they're well on their way.

Opening dozens of locations in 2017 and increasing sales by millions of dollars, these brands are the ones to watch out for. If there isn't one in your town yet, there probably will be soon.

Pizza led the way in 2017, with two fast-casual pizza chains battling it out for the top spot on this year's list.

Here are the five fastest-growing restaurant chains in America:

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