Lifers: Ted Dennard is a modern day bee whisperer

"First you fall in love with honey, then you fall in love with bees, and finally, you fall in love with beekeeping." That is how Ted Dennard's journey unraveled as the founder of the Savannah Bee Company.

Dennard's love for honey and bees started in 1979, and he's been a busy bee ever since. Known among his community as the resident "bee whisperer," the CEO and philanthropist went from giving away samples of honey to managing a staff of over 100.

Although he runs a highly-successful business, Dennard also pursues his passion of teaching bee education. His not-for-profit The Bee Cause Project teaches kids about how to protect and love bees -- and to date, the program has provided hives for nearly 300 hundred schools in 50 states and 4 countries.

"Will I ever retire? Never. I will be doing something will bees always," says Dennard.

Find out more abut Dennard's beekeeping in the video above.