Apple and Oprah team up for multiyear film and TV deal

Apple Inc. — one of the world’s largest companies — is branching out from making top-selling electronics. The tech giant will be teaming up with cultural force Oprah Winfrey to make their original programming debut, according to Bloomberg.

The multi-year partnership will be focused on creating original programs for Apple’s programming lineup that is projected to launch in 2019. Winfrey’s partnership with Apple will not affect her renewed contract with the OWN TV network, and it is unclear how much the deal will affect her already massive net worth, as the financial details of the contract have yet to be released.

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Winfrey is not the only personality Apple has snapped up in preparation to square off with streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon; they have already made deals for shows with names like Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon, Octavia Spencer and Kevin Durant attached.

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Amazon and Netflix have been making similar deals in the race to dominate the streaming market. Recently, Netflix announced a partnership with former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama to produce series and films under the name Higher Ground Productions. Amazon, on the other hand, has signed first-look agreements with both Blossom Films and Monkeypaw Productions, production companies headed by Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman and writer-director-actor Jordan Peele, respectively. This will give Amazon the first opportunity to sign or pass on any of their upcoming TV projects, as well as film projects with Blossom Films.

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Apple’s Oprah announcement also comes on the tail end of another report that the company is diving into animated movies. Bloomberg stated that Apple is nearing a deal for U.S. distribution rights for a movie helmed by Cartoon Saloon, an Oscar-nominated animation studio out of Kilkenny, Ireland. The film isn’t in production yet, but considering Cartoon Saloon has not one, but three Academy Award nominations under its belt, it could be a promising addition to Apple’s programming lineup.

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