Lifers: Pierre Robert reflects on 30 years in the radio industry


Pierre Robert has been playing rock music for Philadelphia-based WMMR Radio for the last 36 years. He's met dozens of famous musicians and is known as the heart and soul of his station, which is turning 50 this year.

Known as a legend in Philadelphia, Robert is regarded by most as the best in the business -- but it didn't begin that way for the host. When he first moved to the city, he was "young and broke." However, after a fateful encounter with a psychic, he quickly found his footing.

"You're going to get a letter, follow the letter" he recalled. "The next day I got a letter from the afternoon DJ, and that opened the door."

While the excitement and thrill of the job has kept Robert there for so long, ultimately, he says the role has helped a lot of his Rock and Roll dreams come true.

Learn more about Robert's story in the video above.