7 chains offering you free doughnuts on Friday

National Doughnut Day is an American institution. And this year, seven chains will celebrate by giving out free doughnuts this Friday, June 1.

According to the Salvation Army, “National Donut Day” was created in 1938 and dates back to 1917 — amid World War I, during which the Salvation Army’s Donut Lassies served the baked goods to soldiers on the front lines.

Lt. Col. Ward Matthews, a spokesperson for the Salvation Army, explains:

“Armed with their faith and little more than a helmet, rolling pins and donut supplies, the Donut Lassies provided the soldiers a piece of home in the trenches of eastern France. The donut was and continues to be a symbol of the comfort and support that The Salvation Army provides to more than 23 million people in need each year.”

The following seven doughnut shop chains, for example, are among those that will hand out doughnuts for free on Friday, either with or without a purchase. A couple are also collecting donations for or donating proceeds to the Salvation Army.

We recommend that you call ahead to your nearest locations before running out the door to confirm they are participating in these offers. Several chains state that only “participating locations” will offer freebies.

Do you plan to celebrate the doughnut on Friday? Let us know how by commenting below or on Facebook.