'WeWoreWhat' creator Danielle Bernstein has mastered turning followers into a customer base with new swimwear collaboration


The social media influencer market has become one of the most lucrative areas of business, with top influencers gaining upwards of tens of thousands of dollars per sponsored or advertised post, endorsement or brand partnership.

Many successful influencers have begun to find ways to make money and use their massive followings and reach towards other profitable endeavors — after all, it takes an arsenal of business savvy practices and skills to be able to make six (at times seven) figures off of an app.

At the forefront of this emerging class of business women and designers than began as influencers is Danielle Bernstein, founder of fashion blog WeWoreWhat, whose Instagram account boasts more than 1.7 million followers.

Bernstein, who was one of the first influencers to turn social posting into a full-time job, has already launched her own line of clothing called Second Skin Overalls in addition to partnering on exclusive collections with well-known brands in order to reach the most important consumer base in Bernstein's eyes: Her followers.

But getting into he businessworld wasn’t something Bernstein always had planned:

“It was definitely something I fell into. My blog started as a hobby. Design started as a hobby. And I'm lucky enough to turn both into a business.”

Her newest collaboration is a limited-edition swimwear capsule with luxury resortwear company, Onia Swimwear.

The capsule, which features both one-piece and two-piece styles, starts at $80 for tops and $195 for one-piece suits — a moderate, if not generous, price point for Bernstein’s most loyal followers who aim to embody her signature vibe of styling luxe pieces in a way that looks effortless and achievable, instead of ostentatious or too forced.

Take a look at the Onia x We Wore What limited-edition capsule below:

Bernstein, who calls her target demographic her "followers", enjoyed the creation of this collection since it’s shown her "how to directly communicate with my consumer, A.K.A. my followers, and involve them on parts of the design process."

Bernstein teamed up with Onia Co-founder, Nathan Romano, to help her — and her followers’ — vision come to life:

“Danielle and I have been friends for so long. We did a small capsule back in 2016 when Onia womens launched. Here two years later, we decided to kick it up a notch with this collection. It was very organic.

The collection was inspired by vintage lingerie which is something the Onia brand has never offered.”

But perhaps that’s the reason the capsule has already been so successful — it caters directly the sense of style, price point and vibe that Bernstein’s loyal followers come to the We Wore What Instagram page for every day.

For them, this capsule is a tangible way to hold a piece of the world that We Wore What has created on social.

And the proof is there — Bernstein cites the biggest challenge with the capsule as “keeping up with the demand post-launch. We nearly sold out in the first day and had to pull from wholesale inventory and reorder right away!"

Suffice it to say she’s thrilled with how the collection turned out:

“Being able to make my designs come to life is always so rewarding. We really focused on the fit of this collection and I am so happy with the results.”

The collection, which is made exclusively from Italian fabrics in a variety of nude and printed patterns, is more accessible than its 2016 predecessor, making it easier than ever to get your hands on a suit, as Romano says:

"The first Onia collaboration with We Wore What was exclusive to Intermix in 2016. This year we rolled it out to more of our retailer partners including Barneys New York, Revolve and ShopBop – The reaction has been overwhelmingly amazing!”

View and shop the entire capsule here.