Is Kevin Hart trying to enter the world of Pro-Wrestling? MTN DEW KICKSTART goes inside his head to find out


Have you ever wondered what goes on inside someone else’s head?

If you’re nodding your head "no" -- one, you’re lying and two, what if you were able to get inside someone’s head only to figure out just how they manage to do all that they do, and do it well?

Hardly anyone would turn that down, especially if it was to get inside the head of none other than Kevin Hart.

But thanks to MTN DEW KICKSTART, you can now get a solid 15 seconds inside of Hart’s head.

Okay, sort of!

The comedian teamed up with MTN DEW KICKSTART to film three, 15-second commercials showcasing Hart’s comedic persona by giving fans an inside look at exactly what it is that he’s thinking in his — albeit, rare — moments of pause:

“I had an amazing experience doing the commercials. I’ve worked with the director before and I know that he likes to not only have a good time but really, really showcases whatever it is that he’s going for … we wanted to make the commercials pop, we wanted to make it something that would be captivating and fun and really capture my personality.”

The commercials are based around the concept of “Give your head a MTN DEW KICKSTART”, a sharp one-liner that Hart can be heard saying at the end of each of the commercials:

“You get an inside look at what’s going on in my head — you want that boost, that refreshing moment, the perfect way to do it is by giving your head a MTN DEW KiCKSTART and that’s what the definition behind the commercial is, and I think it tells it in a little visual fun way that people love and can get.”

Hart’s favorite of the series of three commercial is the one where he’s interviewed by WWE Hall of Fame Legend ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund, which you can check out here:

As someone who always has a million things on his plate, Hart knows the importance of taking a step back to clear your head in order to tackle all of your tasks — for him, prioritization and laser-sharp focus are key:

“Prioritizing is key. You can say you want to do a lot of things, but not be able to do them all at a high level. For me, keeping my head in the game means maintaining focus and a high level of concentration or prioritizing. I don’t want to just do things just to do them. These things need to make sense, they have to align themselves with me and my brand and my vision … There’s a great merger there … the whole idea of keeping your head in the game. It fit with me, my personality and my drive."

He also stresses the importance of choosing projects with people — and in the case of his partnership with MTN DEW KICKSTART, companies — that share the same vision and vibe as you:

“We packaged something really, really nice here. I think when you automatically work with good people, [when] you work with a brand that understands quality over quantity, that’s key to me — we’re giving each other a taste as to what level of success we can share.”

The commercials (which mark the first time consumers will get to see Kevin on-screen as the face of MTN DEW KICKSTART) are part of a year-long partnership between the comedian and the brand.

Hart elaborated that a major player in his natural cohesion with the company is MTN DEW KICKSTART’s strong relationship with the NBA and how it aligns with Hart’s own love for basketball.

Making smart career decisions from a place of clarity is something that comes easy to Hart, so when you ask him who he’d be willing to take on in an NBA 1-1, the answer is about as Hart an answer as any:

“I would go for the worst possible player in the league at the moment so I could have a chance at winning. I would really have to search the rosters and search who is hypothetically the worst player to lace up and put on a uniform and that would be my choice!”