SpikedSeltzer and Kleinfeld are making all your royal wedding dreams come true on May 19


While there’s been much speculation and anticipation surrounding just what exactly Meghan Markle will be wearing as she walks down the aisle with Prince Harry on May 19, it’s pretty much a guarantee that if the details of the ceremony are anything like the couple themselves, we can count on that gown being one thing: Untraditional.

Markle, a bold personality with her own sense of style, is sure to choose an eye-catching silhouette, anything but simple and ordinary.

One of the first dress styles that comes to mind? A mermaid style gown — and people are betting major that this style be the duchess-to-be’s top choice.

In fact, SpikedSeltzer is so confident that Markle will choose a mermaid style gown that they’re putting thousands of dollars down on it — literally!

Brides who have appointments at Kleinfeld bridal boutique in New York City (of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ fame) on May 19 — aka the day of the royal wedding — are eligible to receive $1,900 towards their wedding dress from SpikedSeltzer — so long as they choose a mermaid style dress.

Not drawing the connection? SpikedSeltzer’s cans are notorious for displaying the mermaid silhouette, as Carrie Shafir, Marketing Director at SpikedSeltzer explains:

“SpikedSeltzer’s brand symbol is, and has always been, the mermaid. She is the literal embodiment of the brand’s coastal roots, harkening back to our nautical heritage and vibe.

This year we’re laser focused on differentiating SpikedSeltzer from the competition - which is why we’re spotlighting the mermaid. In doing this, we’re uncovering interesting ways to engage consumers with our product and our mermaid muse.

We’re encouraging consumers to 'say ‘Yes!’ to the mermaid' by choosing SpikedSeltzer as the perfect go-to drink. And, in this instance, we’re also encouraging consumers to 'say ‘Yes!’ to the mermaid' by choosing a mermaid silhouette dress for one of the biggest moments of their lives."

But the “say ‘Yes!’ to the mermaid” promotion is only the tip of the iceberg (or opening of the can, we should say) for what Kleinfeld and SpikedSeltzer have in store for the royal wedding madness on May 19.

One lucky bride-to-be will have the chance to win a last-minute and highly coveted VIP spot at Kleinfeld to shop for their dress for May 19th.

Brides that are 21+ can follow @SpikedSeltzer on Instagram for full details and have until the end of the day on May 11th to enter.

SpikedSeltzer will also be serving up all six of its flavors at Kleinfeld on the day of the royal wedding, featuring a royal-themed cocktail which puts the brand’s newest flavor, Ventura Lemon, to the forefront — a flavor that’s coincidentally being used in the actual royal wedding cake:

“As luck would have it, one of SpikedSeltzer’s new flavors, Ventura Lemon, is featured in the lemon elderflower royal wedding cake. So, we took that opportunity to create the “Slice of Spiked” cocktail, which literally tastes like you’re drinking a lemon elderflower cake.”

The six percent ABV beverage offers a low-calorie, fizzy and refreshing alternative to the hard-alcohol-heavy vodka soda and rum and cokes of the usual bar scene.

It's for this reason that the beverage fits quite well with both the health conscious brides-to-be as well as the fun and easygoing nature of weddings themselves:

“We’ve seen that SpikedSeltzer’s premium Champagne-like qualities play well in the wedding space - from bachelorette and bachelor parties, to bridal showers and wedding receptions. So, when we were looking at where mermaid references are prevalent, we started thinking about mermaid silhouette dresses, which took us to weddings, which took us to the biggest wedding of the year - the royal wedding.”

The "say ‘Yes!’ to the mermaid promotion" comes on the heels of SpikedSeltzer’s newest campaign, “Follow Your Siren” which is also using its mermaid symbol as a metaphor for something greater that the brand is trying to convey to consumers:

“Last month SpikedSeltzer launched its first-ever 360 national brand campaign, 'Follow Your Siren,' and in doing so, we declared 2018 the Year of the Mermaid. For us, it’s about going back to our roots - the mermaid is on every can, bottle and box of SpikedSeltzer. And our mermaid, also known as a siren, is encouraging consumers to follow their intuition and say yes to something new - from new experiences to new products, like SpikedSeltzer.”

So whether you're happily married, a bride-to-be or just a daydreamer trying to find your way into British royalty (shamelessly raising our hands), find a way to "Say 'yes!' to the mermaid" in your own life and treat yourself to a little adventure.

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