Cambridge Analytica is shutting down according to the Wall Street Journal

Cambridge Analytica, the data firm used by the 2016 Trump campaign at the center of a scandal involving the misuse of Facebook customer data, is shutting down its operations according to a Wall Street Journal report Wednesday citing an anonymous source.

According to the report, the firm is closing its doors because of it was losing clients in the wake of the Facebook scandal and was facing mounting legal fees related to the case. Employees of Cambridge Analytica were told to turn in their computers and the firm will shut down effective Wednesday, the report said.

The news would mark a stunning reversal for a firm that was once celebrated for pioneering a new tech-driven model for political campaigns to reach voters. As recently as Tuesday, CA was fiercely defending its reputation with tweets imploring the public to "get the facts" and the truth behind the Facebook story.

Earlier on Wednesday, the tech blog Gizmodo reported that Cambridge Analyitca was shutting down its US offices. But the WSJ report appears to indicate an overall shutdown.

Cambridge Analytica did not immediately return Business Insider's requests for comment.


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