2 major things Target employees wish they could tell shoppers, but can't

  • Target store employees told Business Insider that they have a few things they wish they could ask shoppers to stop doing.

  • Business Insider asked 18 Target team members to discuss the things that they wish they could tell customers — but can't.

  • For the most part, their responses fell into two major categories: Don't be rude, and don't make a mess.

Target store employees have a few complaints about the behavior of certain shoppers.

Business Insider corresponded with 18 Target employees about their experiences at the retail chain. We asked them what they'd like to tell guests — but can't.

We found that the majority of the responses fell into two main categories. Some Target employees discussed rude and impatient behavior on the part on shoppers. Others said they wished that customers would stop leaving trash and unwanted products all over the stores.

Here's what the Target team members had to say:

1. Don't be rude

"Just don't be rude and I promise I'll help you find things my entire shift," an employee of eight months said.

Two Target team members explained that they don't appreciate it when customers become angry because the store doesn't have a certain item in stock.

"How many times do I have to tell you that we do not have the item that you're looking for in the back room?" an employee of seven months told Business Insider.

If the product you're looking for isn't available, then the employees said to cut your losses rather than taking out your annoyance on the Target team member.

"Quit throwing fits because we stopped carrying something," another Target employee told Business Insider. "It isn't the team members' fault."

Plus, getting aggressive might backfire. An employee with three years of experience told Business Insider, "If you are rude, and ask if there is any in the back, we don't check. We complain to other members about you and tell you, 'I'm sorry but we don't have any in the back.' Being nice pays."

Three other Target team members described creepy interactions with some store patrons.

"Don't confuse good customer service with flirting," said a Target employee with eight months of experience.

"I'm only saying hello because I'm paid to do so," a team member who's worked at the store for about a year told Business Insider.

Another Target team member with two years said they had a "stalker" who'd follow them around at the store.

Two other Target team members who've worked at the store for one year or two years added that it's always frustrating to encounter shoppers who give off an air of superiority.

2. Don't make a mess

"I cannot explain how many candles and fake plants I find in the clothes," a Target employee who's worked at the store for eight months told Business Insider. "If you decide you don't want something, give it to a team member."

They added that, "as long as you're nice about" handing the product over to a cashier, cart attendant, or other team member, Target employees "would rather you give it to us in that moment."

"Please throw your trash away," the Target team member added. "Starbucks cups, popcorn bags, wrappers of any kind: Throw them away."

Four other Target team members who've worked for the chain for five years, three years, and about two years agreed about the issue of leaving trash in the carts and store.

"Pick up after yourself," a Target employee of five years told Business Insider. "You are a guest in our domain and slobbish-ly leave garbage and products on the floor and out of place. Treat your local Target with respect."

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