This is how much you need to survive retirement in your state

People planning for retirement have no shortage of rules of thumb to follow when they ask, "How much money do I need to retire?" Some experts suggest saving 1 percent of your salary by age 30, increasing every year until you have 10 times your salary saved at age 67. Others suggest $1 million as a solid goal. Still, others suggest accumulating enough to cover 80 percent of your current expenses each year.

The reality, however, is that what you need depends on where you live.

GOBankingRates calculated the average annual expenditures for a retired person in each state by examining each state's average cost of housing, groceries, transportation, healthcare and utilities. Next, we calculated how much money a retiree would need to start with to pay for these expenses, figuring a 4 percent withdrawal from savings each year. This assumes post-retirement investments will get an average return of 6 percent. That's a conservative estimate that leaves room for the effect of inflation.

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