11 insider facts about McDonald's that employees know and most customers don't

  • McDonald's employees know all about how things are run at the fast-food giant.

  • Customers might miss out on some secrets that are obvious to employees.

  • Here's a look at some insider facts from employees that you should know if you're planning to go a Big Mac run.

McDonald's jobs are abundant.

About 375,000 people work at the fast-food chain, according to a 2016 McDonald's filing. But if you include franchise employees, as Forbes did in 2015, the number jumps to 1.9 million, making McDonald's one of the largest employers in the world.

Whether they work for franchise locations or corporate stores, McDonald's employees gain a keen insight into the inner workings of the fast-food giant.

McDonald's employees can tell you all about the most annoying customer requests and the consequences of working around french fries all day.

Here are a few things only McDonald's employees know.

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