15 tips and tricks to save money shopping at Ulta

  • Ulta is a beauty retailer known for selling both prestige high-end makeup and drugstore brands. 
  • In addition to selling beauty products, Ulta stores have full-service salons that do hair, makeup, nails, brows, and skincare services. 
  • Even though buying beauty products can add up quickly, there are a lot of ways to save money at Ulta such as taking advantage of the rewards program and stacking manufacturers coupons with Ulta coupons that are always available

Whether you're shopping for a prestige makeup brand, a drugstore brand, or headed to the salon, there are a lot of ways to save when shopping at Ulta.

There are savings to be had through the Ultamate Rewards program, in addition to daily savings online. Ulta also sends email subscribers exclusive coupons. In stores, Ulta has a clearance section that can be up to 70%  off and it accepts manufacturers coupons from brands that offer them.

It also offers perks like gift-with-purchase promotions and a return policy that allows you to return products you don't like within 60 days for a refund.

Here are some other tips for saving money at Ulta: 

Tricks to save money at Ulta
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Tricks to save money at Ulta

Sign up for the email list to get exclusive coupons — Ulta sends out $3.50 off $15 coupons frequently, and sometimes it sends a 20% off prestige brands coupon to save big on high-end brands.

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Buy discounted gift cards online to save a few dollars before you even get to the store.

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If you sign up for the Ultamate Rewards program, you can earn points for every dollar spent — points add up fast and can be used as store credit.

I 💚 ULTA Rewards!! Happy early birthday to me... I usually save up my points to use this time each year (or every other year if I haven’t bought a ton of products)... it’s awesome! I love Sephora, but they need to step up their rewards program. 💄 #ultarewards #itslit #happyearlybday #makeuponmakeup #free #gratis #rewards #budgetersunite #ulta #ilovebeautyproducts #especiallywhentheyarefree #chaching #timetoplay

You can rack up points quickly by using the Ulta salon to get your hair, nails, and brows done. Rewards members earn five times as many points at the salon than in the store. 

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Shopping during your birthday month earns you twice as many points. Plus, you can get a free gift if you shop on your birthday.

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Instead of using points as soon as you get them, some frequent shoppers suggest saving them and using them on larger purchases to get the most savings. 

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Ulta runs "gift with purchase" promotions often — check what the qualifications are before shopping to score some freebies. 

Photo credit: Business Insider/Jessica Tyler

Also look out for online beauty breaks — if you spend more than the minimum amount for that day, you can get a gift set from a prestige brand for free. They generally happen on weekdays and only last a few hours.

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If you're buying drugstore brands like Revlon or Neutrogena, Ulta will accept manufacturers coupons, which can usually be found online. 

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It might be worth it to go to a store instead of ordering online — manufacturers coupons can only be used in stores, and can be stacked with Ulta coupons. In addition, some stores will mark down items that aren't selling well to make room for new inventory, and the prices aren't always reflected online. 

Photo credit: Business Insider/Jessica Tyler

Manufacturers coupons can also be combined with clearance deals and Ulta coupons. 

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Always check the clearance section, which is updated whenever the store updates their inventory. Most items are usually marked down at least 50%, if not more. 

Photo credit: Business Insider/Jessica Tyler

Ulta has a few huge sales events each year, like the Jumbo Sale and Gorgeous Hair Sale, where products can be up to 70% off. 

Photo credit: Business Insider/Jessica Tyler

It also has a 21 days of beauty sales event where there are markdowns on different brands every day for three weeks. 

Photo credit: Facebook/Ulta Beauty

As long as you've used less than 20% of the product, you can return anything for a full refund within 60 days. If you lose your receipt or miss the 60 day mark, you can still get store credit. 

Photo credit: Business Insider/Jessica Tyler


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