These are the highest-paid monarchs in the world


Living like a king or a queen for a day would pretty much be a dream — a seemingly endless supply of opulence, grandeur and social events would seem to await anyone in that position.

This is, of course, due to royal families around Europe and the rest of the world being ridiculously wealthy in comparison to us commoners.

And although money has been in these families for centuries upon centuries, it’s not as if these royals are just sitting on hefty piles of cash — they actually earn money through their titles.

IG recently analyzed royals around the world to find out just how much money the crown-donning class earn (in US dollars).

While they’re not working typical 9-5 jobs or clocking in for overtime, monarchs around the globe are still paid during their reigns.

Think you know which monarch makes the most money under their title? One queen most certainly reigns supreme.

Take a look below: