20 real islands for sale right now

For the world's rich and famous, a mansion simply will not do when there are luxury private islands for sale. Whether searching for Caribbean islands for sale by actual governments or shopping for private islands online in the same way regular people buy clothes, the world's elite have an endless array of options if they want to become owners of their own water-bound land mass.

But did you know there are plenty of cheap private islands for sale that regular people can buy for less — sometimes much less — than the cost of a house? Here is a list of islands you can buy now, ranked in order of those that are out of reach for all but the wealthiest people in the world to islands that even the average Joe can afford.

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Private islands you can buy right now
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Private islands you can buy right now

Pumpkin Key

Location: Florida

Price: $95 million

In the Florida Keys tropical paradise of Card Sound Bay, this 26-acre island can be yours — if you're one of the wealthiest people in the world. Priced at just under $100 million, Pumpkin Key is a 10-minute chopper ride from Miami, but if private jets are more your thing, the island comes with its own airstrip and not to mention a private boat dock in Key Largo. There's room for your megayacht, and a three-bedroom home, caretakers' quarters and tennis courts are all part of the deal. 

Photo credit: Ocean Sotheby's International Realty

Spectabilis Island

Location: Bahamas

Price: $62 million

Located in the central Exuma Cays roughly 230 miles southeast of Miami, Spectabilis Island sits in the heart of the Caribbean. Surrounded by deep water, its access channels can handle even the biggest yachts. Totaling 460 acres, your new island home offers pristine white-sand beaches, complete privacy and elevated panoramic views of one of the most beautiful places on Earth. 

Photo credit: Private Islands Inc.

Saline Island

Location: Grenada

Price: $19.5 million

Nestled in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, Saline Island is a 64-acre spread located about one mile south of Carriacou, the second-largest island in the Grenadines. Saline Island is home to a large salt pond, and you'll walk among wild goats and view nesting spots for sea turtles. You'll find gorgeous beaches along the coast, which is bursting with marine life, and your home will be a two-bedroom house that faces a shallow lagoon. 

Photo credit: Private Islands Inc.

Katafanga Island

Location: Fiji

Price: $17 million

Known locally as the Blue Lagoon, Katafanga Island is one of the last remaining freehold islands in Fiji, which has some of the most stunning resorts in the South Pacific. The 225-acre island is covered with coconut-bearing palm trees. A mile long, a third of a mile wide and with sugar-white beaches, Katafanga is surrounded by coral reefs and endless blue water, which is deep and wide enough to allow access for the largest luxury yachts. 

Photo credit: Private Islands Inc.

Foots Cay

Location: Bahamas

Price: $16 million

Foots Cay is an island situated in the center of the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. Twenty acres in size, this island comes with a four-suite house and two smaller guest houses. Features include a harbor that holds two yachts up to 45 feet in length, two docks, underground electric and phone service and an automated standby generator. 

Photo credit: Private Islands Inc.

False Caye

Location: Belize

Price: $12 million

Views of the Maya Mountains, pristine blue water teeming with coral reefs and a five-minute boat ride to Maya Beach are part of the package with False Caye. An impressive amount of development already has been completed on the island.

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Photo credit: Yearwood Properties Ltd.

Hope Island

Location: Maine

Price: $7.95 million

Heavy surf that crashes on a rocky coastline. Barns, paddocks and other rustic storage facilities. Elevated views of the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Hope Island is 100 percent Maine, and it's got the perennial gardens, wildlife ponds and stone walls to prove it. Spanning 86 acres, the developed island could be a great place for a summer vacation home and can be yours for less than $8 million. 

Photo credit: Christie’s International Real Estate

Isla Bonita

Location: Brazil

Price: $5 million

Sixty miles from Rio de Janeiro is Isla Bonita, a heavily forested island that spans 19.64 acres off the coast of the city of Mangaratiba. Each of the island's four white-sand beaches is unique, and you'll be alone on your private paradise — except for the monkeys, macaws, birds and dolphins that make their home on the island and in the surrounding waters. 

Photo credit: Private Islands Inc.

Big Gull Island

Location: Alaska

Price: $3 million

Located on Alaska's Southeast Coast to the west of British Columbia, Big Gull Island is a developed northern paradise. Your home will be a sprawling, 5,200-square-foot, custom-built, four-bedroom estate with a grand fireplace in every room. 

Photo credit: Private Islands Inc.

Ligpo Island

Location: Philippines

Price: $2.8 million

Ligpo Island is just south of Luzon Island — only a two-hour car ride or, more appropriately, a 20-minute helicopter ride — from Manila. The one-acre island is developed and comes with power from the mainland. The island features a massive outdoor seawater swimming pool, complete privacy thanks to no overlooking properties and panoramic views of the Balayan Bay from the main estate's covered veranda.

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Photo credit: Private Islands Inc.

Ilha de Itaoquinha

Location: Brazil

Price: $1.3 million

Fully developed and backed up by solar-powered generators, Ilha de Itaoquinha is anchored by a colonial main house. The residence has a large kitchen, as well as four bedrooms and two bathrooms. A separate smaller residence also is part of the package when you buy the 2.47-acre island paradise. 

Photo credit: Private Islands Inc.

Basin Island

Location: Wisconsin

Price: $950,000

Spanning 26 acres with more than one mile of shore property, Basin Island is the largest developed private island in Door County — and it can be yours for six figures. Insulated for year-round use, the island's home comes with its own well and septic system. 

Photo credit: Private Islands Inc.

Angel’s Nest

Location: Florida

Price: $800,000

Situated on 3.25 acres of private, undeveloped land in Pine Island Sound, Angel's Nest is the northernmost island outpost in MacKeever Keys. A few pilings stand testament to the structures that were erected there in the 1960s, but otherwise, you'll have the island to yourself — the nearest neighbors are a half-mile away.

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Soldier Caye

Location: Belize

Price: $800,000

You'll find this beautiful, five-acre island in the Turneffe Atoll, 31 miles off the coast of Belize City. Soldier Caye consists of two beaches: the first beach, which comprises three acres, is suitable for building; the second beach is covered with pristine natural habitat, including grape, mangrove and coconut trees. The island is developed, and if you're the lucky bidder, you'll have access to a nearby private airstrip on a neighboring island. 

Photo credit: Private Islands Inc.

Golfo Dulce Island

Location: Costa Rica

Price: $789,000

For less than $800,000, you can own 32 acres in the heart of Costa Rica's southern Pacific region. Golfo Dulce Island is developed and completely self-sufficient. It comes with its own well and off-the-grid energy, thanks to solar power infrastructure. Your only neighbors will be scarlet macaws, jungle birds, monkeys and other exotic wildlife. This utopia can be reached only by boat, so enjoy the sound of the waves as you travel to paradise

Photo credit: Private Islands Inc.

Horse Island

Location: Massachusetts

Price: $750,000

Completely undeveloped and surrounded by coastal marshland, Horse Island is a pristine retreat nestled in a cove within Briggs Harbor. Bordered with granite outcroppings and teeming with cedar, hardwood and natural blueberries, the island is a peaceful, tranquil and remote three-acre getaway. 

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O’Dowd Island

Location: Minnesota

Price: $649,900

O'Dowd Island is 13 acres of the American North, which can be yours for less than $650,000. Fully developed, the turnkey property includes a 1.5-acre peninsula lot that provides mainland access. An air-conditioned, two-bedroom cottage is ready for you and your guests, and while you'll exist in isolation in the wilderness, downtown Minneapolis is just 30 minutes away. 

Photo credit: Private Islands Inc.

Spuhn Island

Location: Alaska

Price: $169,900

Located in Southeast Alaska, Spuhn Island is a northern paradise situated next to the famous Inside Passage. The picturesque landscape surrounding the two-acre spread includes mist-shrouded forests, snow-peaked mountains and crystal-clear waterways — all for about $40,000 less than the median price of a regular home in the United States.

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Fortney Island

Location: Northern Ontario, Canada

Price: $151,343

Located to the northeast of Upper Michigan, Fortney Island is as rustic as you'd expect the Canadian wilderness to be. Complete with two basic cabins and a stove and refrigerator that run on propane, the 1.31-acre property comes with four aluminum boats and a sturdy dock. 

Photo credit: Private Islands Inc.

Big Tancook Island

Location: Nova Scotia

Price: $68,104

For less than $70,000, you can own your own slice of the rugged and cold, but stunningly beautiful, Nova Scotia wilderness. Cheap private islands for sale don't have to skimp on splendor. Big Tancook Island is 11.6 acres that can be compared to what Martha's Vineyard looked like 150 years ago, before it was spoiled by modern encroachment. Developed and divisible, Big Tancook is just six miles from the Chester Yacht Club.

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