The best investment for every zodiac sign

When you think smart investing, the first words that pop into your head might not be "cosmic divination." But if you believe that your star sign accurately reflects your personality — even just a little bit — your zodiac might just help you settle on investments that jell with your strengths, weakness and charming little quirks. At the very least, digging into investment types that suit your zodiac sign can springboard inspiration bringing you to an investment landscape that has more options than the night sky has stars.

Click through to discover the best investments for you, according to your zodiac sign.

Best investment for every zodiac sign
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Best investment for every zodiac sign

Best Investment Vehicle for Aries: Large-Cap Growth Stocks

Aries' great energy and courage can sometimes manifest as extravagance, making them an ideal match for large-cap growth stocks. Investing in big, high-profile corporations fits Aries' "go big or go home" attitude to a tee and, of course, bigger investments can always lead to bigger payoffs. 

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Best Investment for Aries: Verizon Stock

In March 2018, Seeking Alpha called Verizon Communications Inc. stock one of the top five most undervalued large-cap stocks for value investors. Between 2014 and 2018, Verizon grew its normalized earnings from $2.11 to $4.58 — a great fit for enterprising Aries, indeed. Can you hear Verizon now? 

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Best Investment Vehicle for Taurus: Peer-to-Peer Lending

The returns on peer-to-peer lending are relatively small compared to other investments. But they foster financial responsibility by taking a big chunk of your investing money upfront and letting you watch the returns grow over time — which is perfect for the notoriously spendy Taurus. This investment grabs the bull by its horns and pets it to sleep. 

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Best Investment for Taurus: Lending Club

With more than 10 years of history and over $20 billion in loan issuance under its belt, it's little wonder Forbes named Lending Club among the very best peer-to-peer lending options for investors in 2017. With personal loans as low as $1,000 and business loans as high as $300,000, security-loving Taurus has responsible options for every budget. And with loans becoming harder to get for many consumers, you're lending more than just money — you're lending a helping hand, too. 

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Best Investment Vehicle for Gemini: Flexible Fund

With a flexible fund, your portfolio manager can choose from a broad spectrum of investments, which can flex and change according to market opportunities. For adaptable and versatile Gemini, that's a match made in investing heaven. Most flexible funds involve some form of securities, but the options are pretty diverse. 

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Best Investment for Gemini: Leuthold Core Investment Fund

The cunning Gemini will love this capital appreciation-focused flexible fund, which spreads its investments wisely over stocks, securities, bonds, commodities, money market instruments and more. As of March 2018, U.S. News and World Report ranked LCORX No. 3 out of 305 tactical allocation funds for long-term investors. For inquisitive Geminis, these diversified funds also offer plenty of financial learning opportunities. 

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Best Investment Vehicle for Cancer: Small-Cap Growth Stocks

The crab always keeps things interesting with a dose of unpredictability, so it's only fair to keep Cancer's investments equally interesting. Small-cap stocks are a little more volatile than their large-cap brethren, but they offer attractively quick growth. It's easy to see why Cancers would crab-walk right into these stocks. 

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Best Investment for Cancer: Guess Stock

Just like a Cancer, the struggling clothing company pulled an unexpected move when it jumped 28 percent in late March 2018, as the stock market dropped all around it. That's what happens when you make exciting choices like expanding to international markets and fleeing the failing retail sector to the online market. That also makes Guess shrewd and protective — just like a certain cosmic crustacean. 

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Best Investment Vehicle for Leo: Common Stock

With common stock, bossy Leos get to feel like they're in control. Unlike preferred stock, common stock gives shareholders company voting rights and a percentage of ownership. As perhaps the most common type of investment out there, this investment pick gives Leo a veritable lion's share of options. 

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Best Investment for Leo: Alibaba Stock

Of course, the lion isn't just bossy. As a broad-minded and creative sign, Leo is willing to jump in on investments that might not be household names — yet. Alibaba Group Holding's shares doubled throughout 2017 and its revenue has increased 50 percent for the past five years running, meaning that its historical growth outpaces even the juggernaut known as Amazon. 

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York City on November 11, 2015.

Best Investment Vehicle for Virgo: Bonds

Smart, analytical and practical, Virgo is a classically stalwart star sign. With a time-tested and reliable investing method like bonds, there's no need for Virgos to be investment virgins. As one of the less volatile investments out there, bonds are well-suited to Virgo's meticulous and analytical qualities. 

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Best Investment for Virgo: Eagle Point Credit Baby Bond

In the first half of 2017 alone, Eagle Credit produced $32.3 million worth of investment income. Good news for fiscally conservative Virgos: Cabot Wealth calls this one — which just went public in 2018 — their "favorite, conservative baby bond out there right now." The patient Virgo also won't mind the bond's maturity date of Sept. 30, 2027.

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Best Investment Vehicle for Libra: Online Savings Account

Those born under the scales can be just as indecisive as they are romantic and charming, so it's not a bad idea to invest in some longer-term stability. The simplicity of an old-school savings account combined with new-school ease-of-use gives Libras less opportunity to change their minds — just put the money in and watch it make more money. 

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Best Investment for Libra: Dollar Savings Direct

With an annual interest rate of 1.60% APY, this Emigrant Bank branch says it offers the highest interest rate in the United States. As a smaller online bank, this scrappy but highly rated upstart suits the Libra's easygoing and idealistic style. Even more easygoing is the fact that you don't have to leave the house to watch your money grow. 

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Best Investment Vehicle for Scorpio: Small Business

It takes a whole lot of determined forcefulness, passion and energy to conceive, invest in and maintain any type of small business — luckily, the scorpion has all of those factors in spades. To minimize risk and maximize profits, keep the first business' initial investment manageable.

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Best Investment for Scorpio: Mobile Business

When you invest in your small business, you're investing in yourself. For a Scorpio, passion and magnetism are often personal strengths, so it pays to play to those strengths. Put those strengths front and center by investing in a mobile service business that brings you directly to your customers — Fundera calls mobile businesses one of the most profitable industries for small-business owners in 2018. 

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Best Investment Vehicle for Sagittarius: Penny Stocks

The optimism of the Sagittarius is often refreshing, but too much investing optimism can put your funds at risk. Keep those wide eyes reigned in with affordable penny stocks. They might not be the most fashionable investment, but Sagittarius loves to embrace personal freedom and individuality. 

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Best Investment for Sagittarius: Stein Mart Stock

During the tail end of March 2018, stock for discount clothing retailer Stein Mart experienced a shocking 86-percent rise, easily making it Money Mornings No. 1 penny stock to watch. The intellectual side of the Sagittarius will appreciate Stein Mart's smart choices, like reducing capital spending and expanding its online presence in the wake of the ongoing retail apocalypse. 

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Best Investment Vehicle for Capricorn: High-Yield Savings Accounts

Known for their combination of diligence and practicality, Capricorns were born for savings accounts. As the workaholic goat toils away, their money earns interest, but it's still accessible when needed — which isn't a big danger for this responsible sign. 

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Best Investment for Capricorn: Synchrony High-Yield Savings Account

Boasting an annual interest rate of 1.55% APY, this FDIC-insured savings account allows six transfers or withdrawals per statement cycle and makes deposits easy via internal transfers, mobile check deposits, direct deposits, wire transfers and ATM. Plus, there's no minimum deposit, so even financially fledgling goats can get in on this one.

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Best Investment Vehicle for Aquarius: Retirement Plan

Known as one of the most creative signs, you can count on the Aquarius to march to the beat of their own drum. Although creativity is never a bad thing, there's a reason everyone knows the term "starving artist"; a good retirement plan helps stabilize the uncertain artist's future. Despite common misconceptions, you don't have to have a boss to have a retirement plan. 

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Best Investment for Aquarius: SEP IRA

The SEP IRA is as easy a retirement plan as you can ask for if you happen to be an Aquarius who is self-employed in creative arts or by other means. It costs nothing to set up and, as of 2017, you can contribute up to $54,000 each year. Even better — all contributions are tax-deductible business expenses.

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Best Investment Vehicle for Pisces: Preferred Stock

At the end of the day, most sensitive Pisces would rather dance and daydream than invest, so keep things simple with preferred stock. Holders of preferred stock usually get their dividends at regular intervals but don't have to worry about shareholder voting. 

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Best Investment for Pisces: iShares U.S. Preferred Stock ETF

Nasdaq calls this one "the biggest passive preferred stock fund out there," noting strong figures such as an $18.1 billion market value, 7.8 percent year-to-date total return and 5.3 percent Securities and Exchange Commission yield in 2017. With a 71 percent total return over the last decade, this preferred stock's stability and reliability will do just about any Pisces some good.

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