Billionaire bids $890 million to save Toys R Us


Toys R Us Might not being going down without a fight after all.

In a last minute move MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian bid a whopping sum of $890 million dollars for more than 300 Toys R Us stores in both the US and Canada.

Business Insider reports Larian wrote on LinkedIn, "OK. I followed through on my part," "Now it's up to them to accept. Time is of the essence."

The founder of ‘Bratz' also apparently tagged President Donald Trump in a tweet, saying he wanted to save 130,000 jobs.

Toys R Us flagship store

He previously set up a GoFundMe page to raise $1 billion dollars to save to toy retailer, and donated $200 million with investors to kick it off.

The campaign only ended up raising about $59,000 in three weeks.

If his bid is accepted the funds for the stores will come from his own money, other investors, and bank financing.