15 of the best-selling ‘As Seen on TV’ products

Many "As Seen on TV" items are viewed as gimmicks, but don't be too quick to reject all of them. Running the gamut from household items to clothing and accessories, some of these products are bargains that could quickly pay for themselves.

Some offer savvy solutions to expensive predicaments, while others aim to add valuable time back into your day.

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Best-selling 'As Seen on TV' products
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Best-selling 'As Seen on TV' products

Big Vision Glasses

When you're having trouble reading the fine print, your standard options are heading to the eye doctor or remaining in the dark. Yet neither of those might appeal to you, since, although you want to be able to see, spending hundreds of dollars for an eye exam and new glasses might be out of the question. It's easy to overspend on glasses or contacts, but you shouldn't have to.

Stop stressing and try a pair of Big Vision Glasses for $19.95. Offering hands-free, 160 percent magnification, this optical wonder can be worn alone or with prescription glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses. No eye exam or prescription is needed, so you can have magnified vision for less than $20.  

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Wipe New

You want to keep your vehicle sparkling, but professional detailing costs add up. Instead, roll your sleeves up and do quality car work yourself with a $19.95 bottle of Wipe New. Along with the cleaning solution, you'll receive two applicator cloths, detail brush, headlight prep pad, headlight applicator cloth and gloves.

You can apply Wipe New to your dashboard, interior plastic, bumpers, decorative panels or any other rubber or vinyl items to help renew and protect them. One bottle of this product costs less than a professional cleaning, and you'll get many uses from it. With more than 3 million Wipe New products sold in the first three years after its launch, it's safe to say this product was a success. 

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BeActive Brace

Suffering from lower back pain puts a strain on your entire life, but the BeActive Brace aims to offer relief. Designed to ease tension on the sciatic nerve, this brace is designed to reduce pain in your lower back, buttocks and legs. Plus, it's designed to be easy to hide under clothing and comfortable to sleep in.

Lower back pain can be difficult to treat, which can result in a pile of medical bills for an unresolved condition. If you want to reduce your medical and healthcare costs, the BeActive Brace might be an affordable alternative that can make you feel better. 

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Flex Seal

If you're contending with minor cracks and holes in your home but aren't handy, consider giving Flex Seal a try for $14.99. One can treats 2 to 12 square feet. No prepping is required for Flex Seal, which works on both wet and dry surfaces. An easy way to fix your home yourself, use it everywhere from your roof and PVC pipes to gutters and ductwork.

Before paying a large sum of money for professional repairs, you might want to try this first. For best results, some items require multiple coats and plenty of time to cure before using, according to Consumer Reports. 

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DashCam Pro

It's frustrating to share the road with reckless drivers. DashCam Pro offers peace of mind by recording your entire trip, and using it could save you money in the future. This is an easy way to show you're not at fault if you get into an accident, so you don't get sued and your car insurance doesn't take a hit.

For $19.95, a DashCam Pro Camera comes with a car charger, adjustable suction mount and USB sync/charging cable. The system has many features, including full HD 120-degree wide angle video, a time and date stamp and the ability to record both audio and video. 

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Furniture Feet

Furniture Feet can help protect your beautiful floors and furniture from scratches. Made with woven fiber pads, these booties slide onto the legs of stools, tables and chairs, providing a non-abrasive surface that glides across your floors.

Each $9.95 pack of Furniture Feet contains eight large sleeves, made to last up to five times longer than felt pads. Safeguarding your floors can add years to their lifespan, so you won't have to shell out thousands of dollars for untimely repairs or replacements.

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5 Second Fix

If you've ever tried to glue a broken wood, metal, plastic or glass item back together without success, you might want to try 5 Second Fix. It's a liquid-plastic welding tool that lets you fix, fill, repair and seal items, presumably in five seconds or less.

You can position pieces until you have them just right, and once the welding tool cures the clear adhesive, it's flexible, sandable and paintable. The tool costs $9.94, but you can save hundreds of dollars if you're able to repair items instead of having to replace them.

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TV Free-Way

Watching TV is a popular way to relax, but network providers keep raising monthly premiums. The average household spends $103.10 per month on television service, according to a 2016 Leichtman Research Group survey. If you want to watch network shows without an exorbitant bill, the TV Free-Way might be a compelling "As Seen on TV" item to try.

Offered for a one-time fee of $14.99, this digital antenna delivers network programming in a clear HD picture, without any contracts or hidden costs. You won't get premium channels, but this can be a cost-effective way to enjoy network television. 

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Furniture Fix

Old, sagging furniture looks terrible and is uncomfortable to sit on, but replacing furniture can be expensive. Furniture Fix claims to be an affordable alternative, allowing you to bring new life to your favorite old pieces.

No tools are needed, as you place Furniture Fix panels under drooping cushions for added support. The panels interlock to provide a boost and can be used on furniture of any size. Designed to withstand heavy use, each $14.95 Furniture Fix kit comes with six panels. 

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EverBrite LED Light

Hiring an electrician to wire the exterior of your home for a motion light can cost hundreds of dollars, but the Ever Brite LED Light offers the same benefits for $12.95. The Ever Brite contains a built-in solar panel that charges itself so you won't have to fill it with expensive batteries.

Installation is quick and easy. Just peel and stick this durable, waterproof light up wherever you want more light. The motion detector automatically senses movement up to 15 feet away, serving as a great way to brighten patios, walkways and garage door areas. 

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Red Copper Square Pan

Stocking a kitchen with necessary cookware is expensive — unless you invest in the Red Copper Square Pan. Serving as a skillet, fryer, roaster and baking pan, this $59.95 all-in-one kitchen wonder can save you money and cabinet space.

Crafted with 100 percent copper and made with anti-scratch technology, no oil, butter or grease is needed when using this nonstick pan. Also included are a tempered glass lid, steamer/roaster rack and frying basket. One piece of good cookware can easily cost hundreds of dollars, so this "As Seen on TV" item might be worth a look.

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Personal Pedi Callus Remover

Visiting the nail salon for a pedicure is a relaxing treat, but spending on regular trips can add up fast. At $19.95, the Personal Pedi Callus Remover can be an affordable alternative, offering a massaging scrub at home.

This mineral roller is designed to get rid of calluses and buff your hands and feet. Pair the Personal Pedi Callus Remover with a quality brand of nail polish and you can create your own DIY spa at home

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Loads of lustrous hair looks great on your head, but it doesn't fare as well in your shower drain. If you're tired of paying your plumber hundreds of dollars to unclog your drain, buy a set of two Drain Wigs for $9.95. Shimmy the chain down the drain, and let it catch hair in its soft rubber whiskers.

Replace your Drain Wig every two to four months by pulling it out and throwing it away. This is a safe and easy way to keep the water in your pipes flowing freely without the use of a plumber or harmful chemicals. 

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Groomaroo Pet Trimmer

Visits to the groomer aren't cheap, but your dog has long hair that needs to be trimmed. The Groomaroo is an innovative, at-home solution, making it easy to give your pooch a trim yourself. This safe, painless, easy-to-use trimmer accommodates different fur lengths without having to change blades, and it trims in any direction.

You won't even have to clean up a mess when you're done because the Groomaroo collects all trimmings. The ultra-quiet motor and massaging feature will keep your dog calm, so you can give them a free haircut, instead of spending money at the groomer. 

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Rodent Sheriff

Rats, mice, squirrels and other unwanted creatures in and around your home can be a huge and expensive problem to fix. Rodent Sheriff might be the cheap alternative you're looking for. Formulated in the U.S. from a handmade peppermint recipe hated by rodents, this spray is safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

Safe for use around children and pets, you'll enjoy the minty scent of the spray in this 8-ounce bottle. At a price of $9.95, this is a great alternative to messy traps and expensive exterminators. Enjoy a non-toxic, effective solution at a fraction of the price you'd pay a professional.

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