Wild Workspaces: TBWA/Chiat/Day's massive LA office


From a Dodger's stadium inspired network of tunnels to a full-fledged basketball court, TBWA/Chiat/Day's office is truly one of a kind.

Located in Los Angeles, California, the creative advertising agency is responsible for a lot of the work we see on billboards, in prints, digital work and social media. With all the company does, it's no wonder its office is a breeding grounds for innovation and creativity. The office is equipped with a barista, an open floor plan and 27-foot high ceilings which give off the feeling of not being stuck inside all day while also softening the sounds of everything around you.

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If the office perks haven't already encouraged you to apply, the company's motto of interacting with your coworkers should do the trick.

Take a peek inside the modern West Coast office in the video above.