Your 'role will be removed': Whole Foods fires workers in 7-minute leaked conference call

• Whole Foods just slashed its marketing staff, as Amazon continues to push the brand to cut costs.

• Business Insider obtained a recording of the 7-minute phone call in which the layoffs were announced.

• The terminated marketing employees must continue work until July 2 in order to collect their severance pay.

Whole Foods just decimated its marketing staff.

Business Insider obtained a recording of a conference call from Thursday during which Nicole Wescoe, president of Whole Foods' northeast region, announced the cuts.

11 ways to save at Whole Foods:

11 ways to save at whole foods
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11 ways to save at whole foods

Be wary of dairy in glass containers

If you grab milk or cream from a glass bottle, you'll be charged for the price of the bottle in addition to its contents. If you must purchase the glass bottle version of the product, be sure to bring it back to Whole Foods next time you're shopping and customer service will give you a voucher.

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Bring your own bags

Whole Foods will offer you a five to 10 cent discount from your total for bringing your own bag.

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Don’t buy Whole Foods pre-packaged containers of fruits and veggies

You'll end up paying way more and receiving way less. Always opt for the full version of the fruit or vegetable and prepare it yourself.

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Take advantage of bulk meat deals

Deals on bulk amounts of certain meats vary from location to location. Ask the butcher about what bulk meat deals your local Whole Foods is offering.

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Look for bright yellow tags

Special deals (that only last for a few days or a week) are unadvertised outside of the store but can be found while shopping by their bright yellow tags.

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Check out specialty online coupons

You can enter your local Whole Foods store online and print off coupons and deals that are specific to your local Whole Foods--some coupons are valid for up to three months. 

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Buy cases of products you like and save 10 percent

Whether it's protein bars or wine, Whole Foods will discount a case-sized version of your product for 10 percent, a well worth it investment if it's a product your consuming often.

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Shop the Friday-only sales

Stores will offer specialty Friday-only sales that can offer you major one-day savings.

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Shop the Whole Foods 365 value brand

The store's value brand is extremely well-priced and will offer you the healthiest version of discounted products, as there will be a significantly lower amount of preservatives than other discount brands, according to Whole Foods.

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"Like" your local Whole Foods' Facebook page for news on special deals and discounts

Deals will vary from store to store and are always advertised through social media.

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Bring your own containers when shopping the bulk section

When weighing your bulk purchase at checkout, Whole Foods will subtract the price of the weight of your container if you bring your own from home instead of using the ones provided in the store.

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Westcoe announced that the store graphic artist position, as well as all regional marketing office positions below associate coordinator, were being terminated. The cuts are company-wide, and do not just apply to Whole Foods' northeast region.

Westcoe said that the move came about as a result of the company's efforts to centralize "the creation and production of signage and decisions around signage needs."

"This means that the SGA role will be removed from the Whole Foods Market structure," she said.

In order to collect severance pay, the Whole Foods SGAs must remain working until July 2, as the brand is not yet ready to replace its signage.

The severance package features two weeks of severance pay for each year of employment. The minimum severance is two weeks, while the maximum is 26 weeks. In addition, employee benefits will last until the end of July.

"I want you guys to understand that decisions like this across the company — it is no reflection on how we value you, the work you do, and how you show up every day," Westcoe said. 

Westcoe also spoke about opportunities for the affected marketing staffers to apply to new marketing or store roles.

"We will help support, partner, and champion you to find another position within Whole Foods Market," Westcoe said. "If you believe that you want to stay with the company and move forward, I want to tell you that I will make it my business to help you do just that."

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