United Airlines plane diverted after third dog incident in a week

United Airlines is having a ruff time.

Days after it accidentally sent a German Shepard to Japan and the same week a French bulldog died during its flight to New York, United Airlines on Friday admitted it had again mishandled a passenger’s furry companion.

A flight from Newark to St. Louis was diverted Friday after the airline realized a dog was “mistakenly” loaded onto the plane, United Airlines said in a statement obtained by ABC News.

The dog, which had been packed into a carrier, was dropped off in Akron, Ohio and eventually reunited with its owner.

United offered compensation to all of its customers aboard the diverted flight.

The airline on Tuesday similarly placed a 10-year-old German Shepard named Irgo on a plane to Japan instead of the one traveling to his intended destination in Kansas City, Missouri. When Irgo’s owner arrived to pick him up she was instead met with a large great.

United said the mix-up occurred when two flights made connections in Denver. Irgo was eventually flown back to the United States in first class.

The airline faced fierce backlash and massive criticism when a customer on Monday reported a flight attendant told her to store her 10-month-old French bulldog, Kokito, in the overhead compartment for the duration of her flight.

The pup was dead by the time the plane touched down in New York.

United Airlines in a statement said the flight attendant did not realize the dog was inside the carrier and that she did not hear the passenger’s warning.

In wake of the incident, prosecutors from the Harris County District Attorney’s office in Houston said they are looking into the possibility of animal cruelty charges.