A popular Instagram account displays the ugliest homes in the world -- and the pictures are horrifying

  • Home decor is usually a matter of personal taste, but there are a few instances where "ugly" is undisputed.
  • @pleasehatethesethings is an Instagram account that documents the most epic fails in design and home decor.
  • Some of the worst offenses are a blood-red bathtub, carpeted walls and ceilings, and a shower head that sprays the toilet.

Home decor is usually a matter of personal taste, but there are a few instances where "ugly" is undisputed.

The Instagram user @pleasehatethesethings is keeping tabs for the rest of us with an ongoing catalog of "Absurd, ill conceived & just plain stupid things in home decor." 

Dina Holland is an interior designer based outside of Boston and her alternate social media account has taken off. Apparently people hate the same things she does — horrendous houses with humorous design flaws. Her account now has over 16,000 followers.

Holland's business account — @honeyandfritz — showcases work from Dina Holland Interiors. She said the origin of @pleasehatethesethings came from posting photos of designs she didn't like on her business account.

"Then people started messaging me the things they hate and I kept posting it to share," Holland told Business Insider. "It was going on for days and one of my followers was like, 'You need to make a whole other account for this.'"

Holland said the reaction has been mostly positive: "People think it's funny."

Holland previously told Architectural Digest these design disasters happen because "a lot of younger designers don't have the confidence to go in and say, 'No, that's not the right look.'"

From misplaced toilets to poor carpeting decisions, the design faux pas Holland highlights on her Instagram page all have one thing in common: They look terrible.

Below are some of the funniest design flaws featured on @pleasehatethesethings:

Instagram account displays the ugliest homes in the world
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Instagram account displays the ugliest homes in the world
This ceiling is making itchy.
All you posers are out here claiming to LOOOOVE garlic. Really? Do you?? Do you love it enough to put a quote about it up in your family room? Yea...didn’t think so.
At least they had the decency to vacuum the walls before the photo 🤷🏻‍♀️
It’s gonna be a no from me on the Satan fireplace. 🙅🏻‍♀️
And just like that, I’ve found something I hate even more than a vessel sink.
Saloon doors to the pantry. I just can’t...light it all on fire...I can’t.
What I wouldn’t have given to be there the first night they turned these lights on and realized...
Apparently reclining is optional in this home theater. The crick in your neck is not though.
Mmmm....I bet that’s a super warm shower 🙄
What the f*ck kinda exorcism style non-sense is this real estate listing photo?
I am actually speechless. I mean in what scenario is this required???? Fraternity rush week? And what does one store in that prison locker built in? #somanyquestionsunanswered
Maybe they have a pet seal?
Next time just throw away those extra 4 sheets of tile ok?
Someone voluntarily did this.
The only way I’m laying on that duvet is if I’m wearing a full scuba suit.
Massachusetts reppin’ hard with this million dollar beauty #hamperniche
Someone peaked in high school geometry.
TGIF! Nothing takes the edge off a long week like a good soak in a murder bath.
Scenes from the next season of American Horror Story. Real talk though: I would give anything to do a Barbara Walters style interview with the person who lives here.
Guess they needed a wall for the...lamps? 🙄
Wtf went down in here that the headboard carpet (because that’s a thing) is as worn as the floor carpet???
My other kitchen is a mall kiosk.
I especially appreciate that they tried to set the mood with those champagne flutes. Very hot.

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