20 things that are cheaper at Walmart than on Amazon

Amazon and Walmart: a pair of retail behemoths, each of which claims to be the one-stop-shopping retailer of your dreams — and the cheapest, too.

It ain’t necessarily so, according to a recent study from LendEDU. The financial products website examined both retailers’ everyday prices for 50 items in five categories: food and beverages, home goods, technology and entertainment, kitchen and home appliances, and miscellaneous items.

Most of the time, the winner was Walmart. If all 50 items were bought at Amazon, the total cost would be 10.37 percent more expensive — and that doesn’t include shipping costs.

In terms of food and beverages, though, Amazon wiped the floor with Sam Walton’s store: It was 22.51 percent less expensive than Walmart. 

The study authors suggest this is part of Amazon’s ongoing effort to lure away food shoppers by getting them interested in the ease of online grocery orders. Given that Amazon has both Prime Pantry and Amazon Fresh options (and bought Whole Foods in June 2017), the authors might be correct.

Both Prime Pantry and Amazon Fresh charge for delivery. Amazon Prime members don’t have to pay shipping costs for qualifying items (including some shelf-stable food products); nonmembers can get free shipping by purchasing at least $35 worth of products.

Walmart patrons can also get free shipping for orders of $35 or more, and the retailer offers two other options:

  • Curbside grocery pickup: Place an order online, use an app to let the store know you’re outside, and the food gets brought to your car.
  • In-store pickup: You can place an online order and arrange to retrieve it from a Walmart store in your area.

And now, let’s take a closer look at what Walmart does better than Amazon: 

Products that are surprisingly cheaper at Walmart than Amazon
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Products that are surprisingly cheaper at Walmart than Amazon

1. Dixie paper plates (150-count)

Amazon price: $22.90

Walmart price: $10.97

Difference: 108.75 percent

Photo credit: Walmart.com

2. Bounty paper towels (12-pack of super rolls)

Amazon price: $34.86

Walmart price: $21.97

Difference: 58.67 percent

Photo credit: Walmart.com 

3. Reynolds Wrap heavy-duty aluminum foil (75 square feet)

Amazon price: $5.69

Walmart price: $3.58

Difference: 58.94 percent

Photo credit: Walmart.com 

4. Dyson v6 cordless vacuum

Amazon price: $355.00

Walmart price: $175.00

Difference: 102.86 percent

Photo credit: Walmart

5. Stanley Tools 6-piece vinyl-grip screwdriver set

Amazon price: $29.99

Walmart price: $15.11

Difference: 98.48 percent

Photo credit: Walmart.com 

6. Red Solo Cups (50-pack)

Amazon price: $9.00

Walmart price: $3.88

Difference: 131.96 percent

Photo credit: Walmart.com 

7. Rachael Ray 15-piece cookware set

Amazon price: $120.59

Walmart price: $99.00

Difference: 21.81 percent

Photo credit: Walmart.com 

8. Samsung 55-inch 1080p smart TV

Amazon price: $596.44

Walmart price: $547.99

Difference: 8.84 percent

Photo credit: Walmart.com 

9. Equate 200 mg ibuprofen tablets (1,000 count)

Amazon price: $15.45

Walmart price: $12.97

Difference: 19.12 percent

Photo credit: Walmart

10. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 Black Luxe Edition headphones

Amazon price: $129.99

Walmart price: $89.10

Difference: 45.89 percent

Photo credit: Walmart

11. Igloo 28-quart Island Breeze cooler

Amazon price: $29.53

Walmart price: $17.47

Difference: 69.03 percent

Photo credit: Walmart

12. Stanley Rip Claw fiberglass hammer

Amazon price: $12.99

Walmart price: $7.88

Difference: 64.85 percent

Photo credit: Walmart

13. Scotch Magic Tape, ½-inch by 450 inches (2-pack)

Amazon price: $5.79

Walmart price: $4.95

Difference: 16.97 percent

Photo credit: Walmart

14. Keystone Energy Star dehumidifier (50 pint)

Amazon price: $179.00

Walmart price: $164.52

Difference: 8.80 percent

Photo credit: Walmart

15. Brita large 10-cup water pitcher (with filter)

Amazon price: $39.99

Walmart price: $31.19

Difference: 28.21 percent

Photo credit: Walmart

16. ProForm Performance 400i treadmill

Amazon price: $599.98

Walmart price: $549.99

Difference: 9.09 percent

Photo credit: Walmart

17. MD Sports pingpong table

Amazon price: $128.00

Walmart price: $109.00

Difference: 17.43 percent

Photo credit: Walmart

18. Black + Decker 6-slice convection toaster oven

Amazon price: $53.51

Walmart price: $42.96

Difference: 24.56 percent

Photo credit: Walmart

19. Symphony black beveled wall mirror (28 x 34 inches)

Amazon price: $42.95

Walmart price: $24.99

Difference: 71.87 percent

Photo credit: Walmart

20. Keurig k425 single-serve coffeemaker

Amazon price: $145.99

Walmart price: $129.99

Difference: 12.31 percent

Photo credit: Walmart 


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