Every company that has cut ties with the NRA since the Parkland shooting


No matter what side of the debate you stand on, it's impossible to argue that gun control isn’t at the forefront of nearly all political discussions.

After the Parkland, Florida shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018, which left 17 killed, citizens are urging Congress to take action by implementing stricter gun control policies and practices.

Likewise, many Americans are also calling out companies and established organizations to reevaluate their stance and relationships with the NRA, leaving many loyal consumers turning elsewhere for things such as flights, insurance and even car rentals.

Regardless of whether or not companies have taken a stance on gun control or their relationships with the NRA in previous times of political debate, it has become unavoidable for big-name businesses to stay silent any longer.

Here’s a full list of the companies that have already cut ties with the NRA since February 14: