Global commodity trader Koch Supply & Trading cuts staff in restructuring

HOUSTON, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Global commodity trader Koch Supply & Trading has cut dozens of workers across at least four offices worldwide, several sources said on Tuesday, as the firm restructures its business.

The cuts at the unit of Koch Industries Inc, the industrial conglomerate of billionaire conservatives Charles and David Koch, affected traders and support staff in its United States, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Singapore offices.

9 pieces of business advice from Forbes' '100 Greatest Living Business Minds':

9 pieces of business advice from Forbes' '100 Greatest Living Business Minds'
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9 pieces of business advice from Forbes' '100 Greatest Living Business Minds'

Sheryl Sandberg, on empathy:

"We are better employees when we stop trying to be two people and bring our whole self to work. that doesn’t mean working around the clock. it means sharing what you are going through so that other people can empathize and help you."

Elon Musk, on foresight:

"We’re the first species capable of self-annihilation, and it’s extremely likely, given enough time. The question: Can we get ahead of it?"

Sean Parker, on innovation:

"I have always chosen to ignore the conventional wisdom in favor of the ideas that interested me. Inventing the future starts with intellectual curiosity — along with a healthy dose of skepticism."

Warren Buffett, on investing:

"Find a good business — and one that i can understand why it's good — with a durable, competitive advantage, run by able and honest people, and available at a price that makes sense.”

Jack Dorsey, on mistakes:

“My biggest mistake was thinking i shouldn’t show my mistakes — I learned I should.”

Mark Zuckerberg, on motivation:

“People often ask me for advice about starting a company, and I always tell them your goal should never be starting a company. Focus on the change you want to make, find the people who share your same purpose, and eventually you may have an opportunity to build something that helps create purpose for others and has a positive impact on the world.”

Bill Gates, on revolution:

“Because it's so easy for someone with a great idea to share it with the world in an instant, the pace of innovation is accelerating — and that opens up more areas than ever for exploration.”

Richard Branson, on risk:

“We take tons of risks in life, whether personal risks or business risks. We sometimes fall flat on our face. But people don’t mind people who try things and fail.”

Michael Bloomberg, on risk/reward:

"Organizations resist innovation — and those that do inevitably fail — because people are more comfortable with what they know than with what they don’t."


The positions involved were primarily in refined products and fuel oil trading and operations, according to the sources.

Some commodity trading firms and banks posted major losses last year due to muted client activity and wild fluctuations across energy markets. Bonuses across the industry were also low, and some hedge funds have chosen to exit energy trading.

Koch "made adjustments to its global commodity trading presence to better reflect the current market opportunities," said spokesman Rob Carlton, adding it would retain an active presence in commodity markets globally.

He declined to comment and the scope of the layoffs.

Sources said at least 10 traders globally had been let go at Koch as the company seeks to optimize under-performing units.

On Monday, trader AOT Energy separately said it had reduced some staff, including parting ways with its senior management team in Houston, and earlier this year pared its European distillates and U.S. Gulf Coast fuel oil business due to shrinking margins.

Several key commodities traders left Goldman Sachs Group Inc earlier this year, sources said, as the Wall Street firm seeks to turn around its struggling commodities unit.

Commodity-focused hedge funds including Andy Hall's Astenbeck Capital Management and Texas tycoon T. Boone Pickens' BP Capital have shuttered some operations in recent months.

(Reporting by Catherine Ngai and Devika Krishna Kumar in New York and Liz Hampton in Houston; Editing by Tom Brown)


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