Watch Morgan Freeman debut his hidden talent in Super Bowl 52 commercial: 'I surprised myself and the crew!'

There doesn't seem to be anything that Morgan Freeman can’t do — from comedy to drama to being everyone’s go-to answer to the question ‘If you could have anyone could narrate your life, who would you choose?’

But this year, for the Super Bowl, Freeman is taking it to the next level by doing something he’s never done before: Rapping to Missy Elliot's 'Work It'.

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Okay, let’s back it up for a second!

This weekend, debuting during Super Bowl 52, Freeman (representing MTN DEW ICE) will star in a commercial with Peter Dinklage (representing Doritos Blaze) alongside cameos by Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot.

The commercial shows the two actors dancing towards eachother down fiery vs. icy hallways, depicting a visual dichotomy of the spicy vs. refreshing flavors of the two PepsiCo products.

Both actors lip-sync and make their way down their respective aisles to two of the artists’ biggest hits and … well, we’ll let you see it for yourself:

If you dropped your computer, started rapping along, happy screamed or pulled of some sort of combination of all three, join the club — you’ll find solace in the fact that Freeman is right there with you:

“I think it was a surprise for me and the crew, that I could pull it off at all! You know, I don’t do rap — I’ve never been able to learn any of the songs … So, I surprised myself and the crew I think.”

Freeman, naturally, isn’t anxious at all about having millions tuned in to watch him in such an unnatural role.

In fact, he’s pretty curious as to how the audience will take to the history-making commercial:

“I’m not nervous or excited — I’m interested to know how the Super Bowl audience is going to react. You know, every year, for the Super Bowl, when the commercials come on, that’s a big thing. This one, being the first of its kind — it’s the first time two different products are advertised at the same time by a company— I want to see what happens, see how they respond.”

Starting Sunday, viewers will be able to use an exclusive Snapchat lense inspired by the advertisement that will let them pick their side -- MTN DEW ICE or Doritos Blaze.

Fans are also encouraged to continue the conversation using @Doritos and #SpitFire, and @MountainDew and #IceCold on Twitter and Instagram

Though the majority of the country will be tuned in to watch, don’t expect Freeman to be on the edge of his seat this Super Bowl — the big game has lost its appeal after his beloved New Orleans Saints were knocked out in Game 8:

“Who's playing? My plans for Sunday have been pretty much shot out of the water, so I don’t really know what I’m going to be doing Sunday … I don’t think I’ll be pulling for anybody but I’d have to put money on New England.”

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