PepsiCo will make history with Super Bowl 52 commercial featuring MTN DEW ICE and Doritos Blaze

Since perhaps the dawn of time, (ok, the dawn of television broadcasting) Super Bowl Sunday has been the one night a year where advertisers and companies alike vie for prime spots on the network commercial lineup.

The commercials seem to grow more and more over-the-top and out-of-the-box with each passing NFL season, and for some brands, having one of the most well-received, emotional or shocking advertisements can translate into millions of dollars in revenue and virtually overnight success for a new product or endeavor.

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So, when two of the most beloved brands in the American food and beverage industry team up to deliver a celebrity-fueled advertisement promoting their respective newest releases, you know it’s going to make history.

This year, Mountain Dew and Doritos (both members of the PepsiCo family) will go head to head in a one minute-long commercial to be aired during Super Bowl 52, marking the first time ever that one company has advertised two of its trademarks back-to-back in one nationally televised Super Bowl commercial.


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The advertisement will feature Morgan Freeman representing Mountain Dew’s latest release, MTN DEW ICE, alongside Peter Dinklage who will stand in for Doritos' latest flavor, Doritos Blaze.

Check out the teaser before the full commercial airs on February 4:

The smoothness of the MTN DEW ICE, a clear, lemon-lime flavored drink (think a light, refreshing fizzy staple) acts as the perfect complement to the spicy, intense heat of Doritos Blaze — kind of like fire vs. ice.

Which, of course, ties in perfectly with the competitive nature of the Super Bowl itself — we see what you did there, PepsiCo!

As if the teaser video featuring Dinklage and Freeman wasn’t enough to get the public hyped up, Mountain Dew hosted an iHeartRadio concert (featuring Wu-Tang Clan, casually) in Brooklyn, NY to celebrate the launch of MTN DEW ICE and the announcement of the Super Bowl advertisement.

Roberto Rios, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Carbonated Soft Drinks is confident that the launch of ICE will propel Mountain Dew to new heights:

"We're thrilled to introduce a new product to the Mountain Dew portfolio and give Dew Nation a clear, refreshing, lemon-lime DEW. We know we can deliver an incredible beverage that hits on the crisp and refreshing cues people want. True to our brand, MTN DEW ICE represents the bold lifestyle of Dew Nation, and we'll be there to help them refresh, recharge and fuel their pursuits."

So no matter what team you’re rooting for come February 4, the real game is sure to take place when the commercial breaks take the field.

And just as the success of an NFL team hinges on practice and preparation, so does that of big-name brands when it comes to debuting their best advertisements the night of the Super Bowl — and from what we’ve already seen, it looks like PepsiCo might just be walking away with the championship. 


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