New IKEA ad asks women to pee on it to receive discount

How far would you go for the best deal? 

IKEA just released a one-of-a-kind new advertisement that requires you to pee on it to reveal a discounted price on one of its popular items.

The catch? You have to be expecting.

The makeshift pregnancy test, which runs in Swedish women's magazine Amelia, advertises IKEA's Sundvik crib for a price of 995 krona, or $122. 

However, if you pee on a strip at the bottom of the ad and it detects that you're pregnant, the price of the crib magically becomes 495 krona, or $61. 

Details pertaining to how one goes about redeeming the offer are sparse.

It’s unclear if getting the reduced price requires one to actually take the urine-soaked ad to the store and then hand it over to a likely creeped-out cashier, or if, perhaps, a picture of the deal will suffice. 

Watch the entire ad below:

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