Insanely expensive things you can buy at Costco

When someone mentions Costco, you probably imagine bargain hunters buying giant boxes of cereal and huge tubs of peanut butter. But did you know that Costco sells some specialty and luxury items that cost thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars?

From fine art and diamonds to A5 beef and even funeral caskets, here's some of the seriously pricey merchandise available at Costco. 

The most expensive items sold at Costo
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The most expensive items sold at Costo

‘Date Night’ Limited Edition Gicleé Fine Art on Canvas

Price: $949.99

Part of an exclusive Costco collection of just 195 impressions, "Date Night" is an original piece by artist Simon Bull. Painted on cotton canvas, the work is stretched over sustainable wood. The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity and is framed in black and gold. 

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Tickets to Boxing and UFC Events

Price: $1,200 each

Fight fans can snag tickets to UFC and championship boxing bouts through Costco. Tickets to see Canelo Alvarez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Las Vegas are on sale now through Costco's event ticket service. Unlike Ticketmaster and competing sites, Costco doesn't charge additional fees. 

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Japanese Wagyu Beef New York Strip Loin Roast

Price: $1,299.99

There's beef, and then there's A5 Japanese Wagyu. Only 200 metric tons of this highly marbled delicacy were imported in all of 2016. Beloved among steak connoisseurs, Wagyu occupies a prestigious top spot among Japan's 12 beef quality categories.

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The ‘Edward’ Casket

Price: $2,999.99

The Edward funeral casket is ideal for those seeking luxury in this life and the next. Lined with champagne velvet, this 275-pound casket features swing bar handles crafted from vacuum-plated bronze. 

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American Heritage Billiards Table

Price: $3,299.99

Available in two different styles, the American Heritage billiards table is crafted from maple and features khaki-colored felt. With a top-notch design that exceeds the standards set by the BCA Tournament, this elegant piece is based on the principles of mortise and tenon construction. Cross-laminated beams prevent warping, and the table comes with a lifetime warranty. 

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EuroCave Artevino Wine Cellar

Price: $3,999.99

The freestanding EuroCave holds 400 bottles in a vibration-free chamber that can be set to the precise temperature desired. Designed to reproduce the exact conditions of a natural cellar, the EuroCave provides ideal maturation conditions for bottles of all shapes and sizes. Made in France, the 14-shelf unit features a key lock for added security. 

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Wheels Up Private Aviation Membership

Price: $17,500 initiation fee (plus $8,500/year starting in the second year)

You might not associate Costco with vacations. However, if your plans involve globetrotting in style, consider a Wheels Up membership from the box store. Members can jet around the world on a brand-new Citation Excel/XLS or a King Air 350i. Plus, you can take advantage of destination shuttle flights to various locales. 

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Honeywell Automatic Standby Generator

Price: $4,499.99

During an extended power outage, there are two types of people: those who sit in the dark while their food spoils and those who invested in a high-end generator. This 22-kilowatt Honeywell model allows for the operation of variable-speed HVAC and other sensitive electronics. Plus, it offers remote cellular monitoring capabilities. 

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NXR-PRO 48-in Range and Oven

Price: $4,999.99

One of the many appliances available from this big box store is the restaurant-quality NXR-PRO, which features an oven measuring 7.2 cubic feet. Pumping out an impressive 15,000 BTUs, the dual burners provide top-notch cooking performance, thanks in part to the elevated, heavy-duty grates. 

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Monaco Infrared Sauna

Price: $4,999.99

This six-person sauna boasts an energy-efficient design that makes it more environmentally friendly. It gets hot 30 percent faster than traditional ceramic tube technology. And with near-zero MG, users are exposed to dramatically less EMF. As a bonus, heat lovers can enjoy their privacy, thanks to the attractive tempered glass panels. 

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Samsung 75-Inch SUHD TV

Price: $4,499.97

Revolutionize your television-viewing experience with the power of supreme MR 240 and quantum dot color performance. This high-end smart TV comes with streaming capabilities and includes nine months of free HBO NOW. Thanks to the sophisticated design, even non-HD content is delivered with stunning clarity. 

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Royal Victorian Glass Greenhouse

Price: $5,999.99

If you need a greenhouse to take your gardening prowess to the next level, this Costco purchase is your home away from home. Boasting a 15-year warranty to back its heavy-duty tubular frame, the construction features a gabled roof and decorative finial, both perfectly scaled. 

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Santa Fe 20-Piece Patio Furniture Set

Price: $5,999.99

Your favorite room in the house doesn't have to be inside. This 20-piece patio set includes a nine-piece dining set and five-piece motion chat collection. The deep-seating set boasts both recliners and a loveseat, and the collection is made from hand-woven resin wicker, which resists mildew and damage from UV rays. 

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Osaki Massage Chair

Price: $6,999.99

top-of-the-line massage chair, the Osaki begins each session with a computerized body scan that maps the body and spinal contours. The chair then optimizes both the depth and points of the massages. Featuring 21 preset massage programs, the Osaki uses fourth-dimension massage technology to deliver an exceptional experience for sore muscles. 

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4-Person Hot Tub by Devine

Price: $8,499.99

Experience the power of hydrotherapy with the blast of 100 water jets in this four-seater spa. The hot tub features two lounging captain's chairs for full-body massage. Each jet is fully customizable, and 75 percent of them dazzle with LED lights. 

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Grape Grid-Tied Solar Kit

Price: $9,999.99

Generate your own energy — as much as 723 kilowatt-hours — every single month. This kit's polycrystalline panels, which can be mounted on the roof, comes complete with a power optimizer. You can rest assured knowing the panels are guaranteed to conduct power output for a quarter century. 

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Kid’s Creations Adventure Mountain Playset

Price: $12,999.99

Made from premium redwood, this wonderland for children features four slides. It also boasts six decks of adventure, two rock walls, monkey bars, swings and a drawbridge. Installation is included with this 160-square-foot playset, so you won't have to spend hours setting it up. 

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Diamond-and-Platinum ‘Constance’ Engagement Ring

Price: $48,999.99

This brilliant diamond ring is set in 950 platinum for maximum effect. The total carat weight is 3.01, with the center stone alone coming in at 2.01 carats. The stones are rated colorless VVS2, and the ring comes with industry certification documents. 

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6-Carat Diamond Stud Earrings

Price: $77,999.99

If you're seeking a pair of earrings to match your Costco engagement ring, try these VS2 clarity diamond-and-platinum studs. The set, which has been independently verified and certified, weighs in at a whopping six carats. 

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Cadillac Escalade

Price: $96,390

Believe it or not, Costco is a one-stop shop for high-end luxury automobiles, like the 2017 Cadillac Escalade. Although a less expensive version is available for around $70,000, with all the trimmings this super SUV comes in at just under $96,400. There are eight different packages to choose from, so customize away.

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