Trump touts African American and Hispanic unemployment numbers

President Trump took to Twitter on Monday and while citing Fox News, touted the employment data under his presidency.

“African American unemployment is the lowest ever recorded in our country. The Hispanic unemployment rate dropped a full point in the last year and is close to the lowest in recorded history. Dems did nothing for you but get your vote!” Trump tweeted.

This was his second tweet on the data.

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“The African American unemployment rate fell to 6.8%, the lowest rate in 45 years,” Trump tweeted on Saturday. “I am so happy about this News! And, in the Washington Post (of all places), headline states, ‘Trumps first year jobs numbers were very, very good.’”

A recent White House report by the Council of Economic Advisers echoed Trump’s remarks.

“The overall unemployment rate, which by October had dropped to 4.1 percent, represented a 17-year low by year’s end,” the report stated. “The benefits of the low rates were felt broadly, resulting in unemployment rates for America’s veterans, African-Americans, and Hispanics that reached historic lows in 2017.”