10 high paying career opportunities for women

Women Career Opportunities

Although women’s paychecks are often compared against men’s paychecks, the issue of discrepancies between various careers is more important. Below are the following career opportunities worth pursuing, as well as the percentage of women within those career choices and the yearly salaries. (The salary information comes courteous of payscale.com).

Top high-paying careers for women
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Top high-paying careers for women

1. Pharmacist

Pharmacists usually work for drugstores, pharmacies and medical clinics. They are responsible for dispensing drugs to patients directly. A meticulous attention and scrutinizing details is paramount to this position. The average salary per year for pharmacists is $111K, which is not bad considering only 53% of women attain this career position. 

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2. Senior CRA

Senior clinical research associates (CRAs) play a huge part in drug development. CRAs are largely responsible for the investigative phases – such as laboratory work, researching, organisation, and providing top-notch project communications with the whole team. A whopping 75% of women dominate this career position. If you’re on the top of your game, expect a comfortable $98,978 annual salary. 

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3. Nurse Practitioner

Of overall nurse practitioners (NPs), roughly 90% are women. NPs (or registered nurses) generally make more than $91,000 per year – and with good reason. They are responsible for providing both primary and specialty-based health care to patients, either independently or with physicians. You will learn how to treat and diagnose diseases, conditions, as well as prescribe medicines. 

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4. CPR Instructor

In the U.S., a CPR Instructor makes an average of $120,907 per year. Women who choose this field will demonstrate (and teach) classrooms and clinical units about the importance of patient care. There are a number of CPR Instructor Jobs worth considering.

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Female lawyers (who make up 45% of the overall career choice) can make up to $81,112 per year. If interested, you must take and pass your state’s bar examination (if located in the U.S.). Once you do, you will be responsible for counseling and representing individual clients in various courts for legal disputes. Certain attorneys also provide legal counsel to corporate clients regarding the business world. 

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6.Compensation Manager

The average annual salary for a Compensation Manager reaches up to $97,572+. This is a staggering amount, considering that women make up 64% of employment. You’ll definitely have your work cut out for you: Compensation Managers deal directly with a business/company’s payroll and employee-compensation programs (such as benefits packages). 

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With only 19% of women, Chief Executive Officers (CEO) oversee operations of the organization/company they’re in charge of. This includes all business-related executive decisions—from planning, coordination to execution—determining the failure or success of a company. The annual salary of CEOs is roughly $163k+. 

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8. Optometrist

Doctors of Optometry (O.D.) examine our eyes. You will be responsible for diagnosing and treating eye disorders or correcting our vision – either by prescribing glasses or contact lenses. A staggering $101k+ annual salary is expected – with the career filled only by 57% of women. 

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9. Software Developer

Software developers brainstorm (and create) computer programs and mobile applications. Analysing customers’ needs, designing apps, as well as writing code are just a few of the career requirements necessary. So-called “computer science professionals” are the primary reason software (such as Microsoft Word) is operational and functional. The average salary is $69,083 – although 12% of women make up this career field. 

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10. Marketing VP

The average salary of a VP of Marketing is one of the highest on this list: a jaw-dropping $138,620 per year salary is on the horizon. With only 49% of women in this career, there are many opportunities for you. If you are strategic-minded, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and have no problem organizing countless marketing plans for companies. The VP of Marketing is directly involved in every step of the marketing plan, creation and campaigns within a company. 

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As you just saw, these career fields are made up of a high percentage of women. Not only that, but you saw that these career fields have a high salary – making these choices incredibly lucrative for you should you decide to choose them. Remember, though, that a high salary isn’t worth anything if you aren’t fulfilled by it.

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