Is this Trump's new campaign slogan asking how’s your 401(k)? Most voters don't even have one

It’s a new Trump campaign slogan celebrating the growth of the stock market.

But, the thing is, according to Bloomberg, only 45 percent of private-sector workers have 401(k) plans.

Trump tested out the line recently at a fundraiser, a campaign rally, and in a White House meeting. 

According to the Government Accountability Office, lower-income workers are least likely to hold money in such an account. 

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Trump also mentions the stock market frequently.  Just Tuesday, he tweeted, “Dow rises 5000 points on the year for the first time ever - Make America Great Again!”

According to the Federal Reserve, only about 14 percent of U.S. families directly own stocks.

Trump told a crowd the new slogan was reportedly inspired by a law enforcement officer. He said as he was preparing to speak, a law enforcement officer approached him and thanked him for his 401k being up 40%.

Trump said the officer gave him “one of the great campaign lines.” 

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