Nasiba Adilova of The Tot shares her best motherly advice: 'You can’t really conform to some particular standard'

Being a mom — especially a new mom — can present an entirely new set of life challenges that you never even anticipated.

Once you step into the role of quite literally becoming another person's caretaker for the rest of your life, it becomes your natural instinct to want to protect your child as much as you can.

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Often times that starts with making sure everything your child is eating, drinking, using and playing with is safe and non-damaging.

But when Nasiba Adilova became a mother for the first time, she realized that there wasn’t really a central resource that health-conscious moms could use to find the right products and advice.

Enter The Tot, Adilova’s website which is a curated, one-stop shop for conscious parents in the digital sphere:

“The idea [for The Tot] came from my own personal need. When I became pregnant with my first child, what I found was that there wasn’t anything in the kids space that was, first, well-curated, second, offered a really nice experience online and third, was safe and tested.

As a new mom, what I wanted to know was  ... ‘Are these companies doing due diligence, do they have my best wishes in mind?’ And what I realized is that a lot of them don’t … as a mother I wanted to basically create something that was there that would offer an ease with which parents could shop, offer an educational component so that you could learn how to make safer choices for yourself and for your children, and also be a platform where we could build a community for women to connect.”

Launched by Adilova and Miroslava Duma, The Tot is aiming to “revolutionize the kids’ space in terms of exposure to safe, incredible products.”

But getting the site running while trying to balance being a new mom was no easy feat.

Adilova stressed the importance of teamwork on getting her business off the ground:

“It is challenging, it is tough because your focus is on your kid and your natural instinct is to want to be with your child. Launching a startup is very hectic … having a partner that can help you pick up the slack, where you are unable to is definitley something that [you] can benefit [from].

You have to be willing to put in the hours and you have to be committed —as my business partner always says, one percent is idea and 99 percent is execution. It’s about how much work you’re really willing to put into it, and if your really love something and want to do it, its possible and you can.

If you’re a mother, it helps to find (like we did) a business partner that is going to be as committed as you, that can work by your side and that can complement all of the areas where you are challenged.”

Perhaps what sets Adilova and The Tot apart the most in the entrepreneurial sphere is her hands-on approach to the content being selected for the site:

“I try and seek out brands — I specifically try to seek out brands that are new, family businesses … conscious businesses … our purpose is to provide a platform for them, help them grow, help them develop.

Basically when we launched The Tot, there was nothing else that was curated in the children’s space … we have a curation process where we don’t overwhelm parents with choice, we give them just a few options in each category. It's a one-stop shop, so you can come to the site and get anything and everything you need. We curate based on safety, so you know that when you’re shopping with us, whatever it is that we sell is a safe product for your children.”

It’s clear that Adilova puts her entire heart and belief system behind the site — a notion of leading with her heart that stems from her role as a mother:

“You as a parent have to always listen to yourself. As a mother especially, you have such strong instincts. People will try to tell you what’s right, what’s not right, what you should do, but every child is different. You can’t really conform to some particular standard. What's right for your kid, you’re going to know in your heart, so I think that following your own heart is the number one thing you should do.”

The Tot now ships internationally to our 200 countries and is exploring opening pop-up shops in New York, Los Angeles and London.

To learn more, visit here

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