Easy travel hacks to save over $500 on your next flight

We all want to save money on travel. 

If saving over $500 sounds good, then listen to the experts NBC News and Business Insider spoke with.

1. Outsmart baggage charges ($400+)

Baggage fees are the priciest ding to your wallet after the ticket. 

Reserve checked bags when you book, since adding them later makes prices jump. It’s not uncommon for them to double at the gate. 

Pack smarter and make sure everything fits in your included carry-on.

2. Bring essential amenities ($80+)

Don’t assume the plane will have charging ports, earbuds and movies playing. Load your fully charged tablet with books, music and movies.

Bring an empty water bottle to fill up after clearing security. Pack snacks because buying food during a tight connection might not be an option.

3. Be flexible with your seat ($40+)

Letting the airline choose your seat is free. Picking an aisle or window seat could cost you.

4. Be open to layovers ($100+)

Nonstop flights are usually more expensive. If you can swing a layover, you’ll likely save money.

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