Kroger is hiring 14,000 part-time workers for the holidays — Apply today

You’ve probably noticed your local grocery store is getting busier as the holidays approach.

All those shoppers out buying turkey, canned pumpkin, eggnog and cookie ingredients are going to need some extra customer service.

To meet that need, The Kroger Co. is hiring roughly 14,000 part-time workers this holiday season, according to a company press release. The grocery chain has stores in 35 states and the District of Columbia. It operates multiple stores under the company’s banner, including Fred Meyer, QFC, Harris Teeter and Roundy’s.

A variety of positions are available.

For example, a job posting for a Fred Meyer store in Portland, Oregon, states it’s hiring for cashiers, parcel workers, general merchandise clerks, apparel clerks, electronics clerks, grocery clerks, produce clerks, meat clerks, deli clerks and bakery clerks.

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10 supermarket traps

Large shopping carts

According to Martin Lindstrom, the larger the shopping cart, the more likely you are to spend. The marketing consultant told The Consumerist"We doubled their size as a test, and customers bought 19% more."

Pleasing aromas and colorful sights

Walking into a grocery store and smelling freshly baked goods and flowers, especially if you're in a good mood, is a surefire way to get you to throw a few unnecessary items into your cart as your begin shopping experience.

Fresh produce first​

After you've already been tricked into picking up a loaf of bread or some flowers, supermarkets also get you by placing the produce in the front of the store. By doing this, they fool you into believing you're being healthier by shopping for fruits and veggies first so you won't feel bad if you decide to stock up on a few unhealthier snacks along the way to checkout, too.

Mist on produce

You may think the mist on fresh fruits and veggies is helping the produce, but in all actuality, it makes them rot faster. Also, be sure to shake off the access water before purchasing your produce -- the mist tends to add additional weight, making the price go up.

Slow, boring music

Have you ever wondered why most grocery stores play some sort of elevator music? It's because they want you to take your time while shopping. Many stores play music slower than the average heartbeat, so pop your headphones in and play upbeat music to combat this trick.

10-for-$10 promotions

It's common to believe you're getting a great deal during a 10-for-$10 promotion, but say, if a can of beans was originally 87 cents, you're actually paying more versus buying 10 of the same cans when they aren't on "sale."

Dairy being in the back of the store

The reasoning behind the age-old trick of placing milk and other dairy products in the back of the store may surprise you. Although it forces you to walk through various aisles, the true reason is because trucks unload their shipments in the back of store, and since milk needs to be refrigerated immediately, the easiest place to keep it is in the back.

More expensive items at eye level

If you've ever wondered why all of the expensive items seem to be the most accessible, there's a reason behind that, too. Supermarkets place cheaper items on the lower and higher shelves and reserve the middle, or eyesight level, shelves for their most expensive products.

Buying premium deli products

Just because you are buying a seemingly fresh cut of meat or fish from the deli and paying a higher price, doesn't necessarily mean the product is of better quality. Often times, the meat was previously frozen meaning you may have to use it sooner than meat you would buy from the frozen section.

Changing the layout of the store... often

Don't get too comfortable with your local supermarket's layout. Markets believe that when a person remembers where there items they plan on buying are, they'll spend less time in the store and will ultimately spend less money.


Job duties will vary by position.

Want to become a grocery clerk? A job posting for that position at a store in Marietta, Georgia, states that workers will need to perform duties such as:

  • Providing outstanding customer service
  • Keeping stores clean and safe
  • Helping meet sales and profit goals
  • Labeling, stocking and taking inventory of merchandise
  • Ensuring the freshness of products

Good communication skills, knowledge of basic math and the ability to manage stressful situations are needed for this role. Retail experience and proficiency in another language are desired.

Interested in working for Kroger over the holidays? Check here to find a job near you.

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Nicole Dow is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.

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