It's gotten a whole lot more expensive to die in America

The cost of burying a loved one in America has risen faster than virtually everything else over the last 30 years. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just published a fascinating look at the cost of dying in the US... because it's Halloween. The chart below shows that the price index for funerals has risen almost twice as fast as consumer prices for all other items. 

Producer prices for caskets rose 230% from December 1986 through September 2017, while prices for all commodities increased 95.1%. The data is not seasonally adjusted.  

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America's Most Expensive Cemeteries
See Gallery
America's Most Expensive Cemeteries
Buying a final resting place is a lot like buying a home; the better the neighborhood, the more it costs. Here's a look at what it'll take to spend eternity next to history's biggest shakers in business, politics and movies.
Hollywood Hills, Calif. (plus six other sites)
Established: 1906
Basic burial: $8,275 to $19,175
Distinguished property: up to $825,000

This Hollywood Hills site includes old Hollywood mainstays like Stan Laurel, Lucille Ball and Gene Autry.
Santa Barbara, Calif.
Established: 1867
Basic burial plot: $3,300
Basic mausoleum: $7,200
Ridge Section (near the water): $21,000
On the bluff: $83,000
Established: 1871
Basic burial plot: $7,000
Premium space: up to $25,000

Houston's first professionally designed cemetery, Glenwood's rolling hills make it look more East Coast than prairie country.
Basic burial plot: starts at $5,635
Estates (premium space): $45,000 (going rate in secondary market online)
Bronx, N.Y.
Established: 1863
Basic burial plot: $4,800
Mausoleum: up to $1.5 million

One of the East Coast originals, Woodlawn is the final resting place of prominent New Yorkers like George M. Cohan, F. W. Woolworth and Oliver and Alva Belmont.


As casket costs surged, the rate of cremations surpassed burials in 2015 for a second straight year, according to the National Funeral Directors Association. Its data showed that the median cost of a funeral with viewing and burial in 2014 was $7,181, and $6078 for a funeral with viewing and cremation. 

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