DiGiorno Pizza just roasted Papa John's after the chain's CEO slammed the NFL, implying its pizza tastes like 'dog s---'

  • Frozen pizza brand DiGiorno posted some brutal tweets about Papa John's. 
  • The CEO of Papa John's blamed the chain's subpar sales on NFL player protests.
  • DiGiorno implied that, instead, Papa John's pizza quality was to blame. 

Frozen pizza brand DiGiorno tweeted some brutal jabs about Papa John's after the chain's CEO slammed NFL leadership. 

On Wednesday, Papa John's founder and CEO John Schnatter slammed NFL leadership and blamed players protesting during the national anthem for dragging down the pizza chain's sales. 


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The response was rapid. While some people rallied around Papa John's in support, others took the opportunity to roast the chain – including by insulting the quality of its pizza. 

DiGiorno Pizza was one of the Twitter accounts to pile on. On Wednesday, the pizza brand seemingly subtweeted the competition via emoji:  

Papa John's tagline has long been "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John's." 

If there was any question as to what rival the frozen pizza company was referring to, DiGiorno also had some pointed follow-up tweets: 

DiGiorno Pizza's Twitter bio now reads: "Better Pizza. Better Sales. It’s DiGiorno." 

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