12 tiny homes for sale on Amazon right now

If you watch do-it-yourself TV channels like HGTV, it might seem like tiny homes are all the rage. But, they're not quite as common as they might seem. Mike Schmidt, business development director for the Tiny Home Industry Association, estimated in an article on Curbed that only about 2,000 tiny homes are sold per year.

One of the benefits of buying a tiny house is its flexibility — you can simply buy the plans, convert a trailer or shipping container, or have the building materials shipped to you. In fact, you can even find tiny homes for sale on Amazon. All the homes included here are currently available. Before you buy, check local zoning laws to make sure your new home is allowed. The homes for sale on Amazon range in size and price — click through to get inspired, and learn all the perks of living in a tiny home.

Tiny homes you can buy on Amazon
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Tiny homes you can buy on Amazon

BZB Cabins Walnut1 Log Cabin Kit

  • Price: $5,990
  • 148 square feet
  • Made of Nordic Spruce

To live the simple life in a tiny home, the Walnut1 Log Cabin Kit is a great starting point. The cabin has just 148 square feet divided into two rooms that you can customize to fit your needs. There are lots of reasons you should retire to a tiny home, so try out tiny home life with this starter cabin.

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BZB Cabins Log Cabin Kit MoonCliff

  • Price: $8,290
  • 164 square feet
  • Includes a covered porch

The Mooncliff Cabin offers a customizable floorplan inside a Nordic spruce home with a covered entry area. However, it doesn’t have a loft, which does reduce the overall square footage.

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BZB Cabins Boulder Cabin and Shed Kit Model

  • Price: $5,799
  • 171 square feet
  • Offers separate entrances for different sections of the home

The Boulder Cabin and Shed Kit has a total of 171 square feet, but it is divided into two separate areas with separate entrances. You could use the smaller area as a bathroom and the main area as a bedroom, or you could use the smaller area for storage as part of a lake or hunting cabin. One benefit of a tiny home's small price tag: It can help you retire early.

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Allwood Kit Cabin Claudia

  • Price: $7,290
  • 209 square feet
  • Includes a laminated door frame and wind braces

With 209 square feet on one level, you probably won’t want to turn this kit into your primary residence, but it is perfect for a beach or mountain getaway. The walls feature dual tongue and groove and wind braces and rubber and silicone seals for the windows to block wind noise. If you need help financing your tiny home, follow these five steps to do it.

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Lakeview Log Cabin Kit

  • Price: $7,900
  • 209 square feet
  • Offers a customizable floorplan

The Lakeview Log Cabin Kit offers a Nordic Spruce exterior and a blank canvas that you can customize on the interior. If you’re partial to indoor bathroom facilities, you can use some of your space for a bathroom. Or, if you’re a master chef and want a larger kitchen, you can customize your cabin with more counter space and appliances. With this model, you must purchase the roofing shingles separately, which can add up to $1,000 more to the price. Remember, you'll probably face some expensive surprises when building your tiny home.

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Allwood Kit Cabin Getaway

  • Price: $18,800
  • 244 square feet
  • Includes loft

The Allwood Getaway is a tiny house that feels like a home. Because it includes a loft, you can use the entire first floor for living, kitchen or bathroom space, and use the loft for your bedroom area. To increase comfort, the walls are built with a windblock pattern to reduce noise.

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Romtec Birdwatcher

  • Price: $50,999
  • 252 square feet
  • Features a traditional log cabin look

The Birdwatcher cabin features a metal roof over a traditional log cabin. The cabin can be wired with electricity and plumbing, if connections are available, and you can customize a range of floor, siding and lighting options to create exactly the home you want. Even so, a tiny home doesn't always mean a smaller utility bill.

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Allwood Bella

  • Price: $17,800
  • 324 square feet
  • Includes loft

The Allwood Bella is perfect for a guest house at the lake with its simple design built from Nordic Spruce panels. But you’ll have to modify the default layout to add a bathroom, and you’ll need to supply your own foundation materials.

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Allwood Ranger Kit Cabin

  • Price: $19,990
  • 427 square feet
  • Includes loft

This tiny home has a kitchen, dining area and bathroom on the first floor, as well as a loft that can be used for a bedroom. The roof is tilted at an ideal angle for solar panels if you want to live off the grid. Then you can find a tiny home community for eco-lovers and live together.

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Allwood Timberline

  • Price: $34,900
  • 483 square feet
  • Includes loft and porch

The Allwood Timberline offers almost 500 square feet for you to relax in, plus a front porch to sit on. The loft includes a master bedroom and an extra space for storage. Though the default configuration doesn’t include a bathroom, the home can be customized to include one so you can use it as your primary residence.

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Goshen Timber Frame Cabin Kit

  • Price: $59,321
  • 725 square feet
  • Includes loft

This two-bedroom, one-bathroom tiny cabin is perfect for your wooded getaway. This tiny house also has over 200 square feet of decks around the home, including 122 square feet of covered deck. Learn the loopholes you need to know to build your tiny home legally.

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Allwood Eagle Point

  • Price: $46,900
  • 1,108 square feet
  • Includes loft and room for a full bathtub

Spoil yourself with the Allwood Eagle Point. This tiny home includes space for two bathrooms, including room for a full tub for you to relax in after a long day outside. The main floor also has a kitchen, living area and bedroom, with a master bedroom and spare room in the loft.

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