Try not to lose your lunch when you see what this family found in their supermarket chicken

While we all have a tale of finding something nasty in our food, not many of us have come across anything quite as disgusting as this Canadian family.

Leon Mo says that he bought a $6 chicken breast from Costco on Thursday with his wife, but when they began eating, he was stunned to find a live worm wriggling through the meat. Mo told the Herald Sun that his daughter refused to eat the food, which was cooked and told her father “there’s worms.”

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He says that when he looked in the package, there were two more worms. After the skin-crawling discovery, he took the chicken back to the store where they gave him a full refund and filed a report. They also called him the next day to check and see how he was feeling.

Mo noted that the chicken wasn’t yet expired, and says that though he trusts big brand stores, “People need to seriously check the quality.” He and his wife, who was then nine months pregnant, both ate some of the meat, but he says they weren’t sick from the food.

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