12 most expensive celebrity child support payments

No matter how rich and famous you are, raising a child is one of the most expensive endeavors you can choose to pursue.

But the more rich and famous you are, the heftier your payments are bound to become if you end up having to support that child out of wedlock.

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With great power comes great responsibility, and though that probably doesn’t have a direct application here, you know what we’re saying — If you make more money than most people, you should expect to fork over more money than most people when it comes to supporting your children.

Though some celebs on the lower end of the spectrum are only shelling out $3,000 in monthly baby-daddy dues, others are paying upwards of six-figures… per month!

Where do your favorite single-parent stars and starlets land when it comes to paying child support?

Here are 12 of the most expensive celebrity child support payments:

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