This allegedly drunk passenger was just fined $100,000 for doing some very bad things on a Hawaiian Airlines flight

Flying drunk can be a very bad idea, especially when the pilot decides to turn around a 12-hour nonstop flight to NYC.

We've all experienced that queasy feeling when someone on our airplane flight is getting out of line with their fellow passengers or the flight attendants. We all hope that the passenger quickly calms down, and that we can proceed to our destination without further incident.

Now, imagine that you are a few hours into a 12-hour, nonstop flight from Honolulu to New York City, and an obviously inebriated passenger starts yelling (and swearing profusely) at the flight attendants, other passengers, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend's children.

Unfortunately, instead of calming down, or simply passing out, things got worse--much worse. According to a New York Post report, the passenger made life-threatening comments, "whacked" a flight attendant in the shoulder, and passengers were forced to step in to restrain him.

Airline horror stories
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Airline horror stories

United Bans Leggings
Two passengers were denied boarding because they were wearing leggings in March. According to United, the airline had a right to deny boarding based on dress code because the girls were using “buddy passes” and were, therefore, representing the airline when they fly, similar to employees.

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David Dao
Definitely not an employee, David Dao was forcibly removed from a United flight in April after he refused to give up his seat on an "overbooked flight," resulting in a serious concussion, a broken nose, and two lost teeth. Video of the incident went viral, causing United to change their policy and get slapped with a lawsuit that was quickly settled.

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Giant Rabbit Dies
United also faced another controversy when a giant rabbit being transported on one of its planes died in the cargo during a flight. According to The Sun newspaper, the animal, named Simon, was the son of the world’s largest rabbit -- a four-foot long continental rabbit called Darius --and was expected to have grown larger than his father.

“Something very strange has happened and I want to know what. I’ve sent rabbits all around the world and nothing like this has happened before," said owner Annette Edwards.

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Bride and Groom Booted From Flight 
A bride and groom traveling to Costa Rica for their wedding in April were escorted off a United Airlines flight after they noticed a man sleeping in their seats and decided to move up three rows as to not wake the passenger. However, it was an "Economy Plus" seat and although the passengers said they complied to return to the seats, a U.S. Marshal removed them.

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Altercation Between American Airlines and Mother
American Airlines suspended a flight attendant while investigating a scuffle between him, a mom and two babies. In a viral video, a woman is seen hysterically crying while holding a toddler, with a male flight attending yanking away the stroller for her second child.g a scuffle between him, a mom and two babies. In a viral video, a woman is seen hysterically crying while holding a toddler, with a male flight attending yanking away the stroller for her second child.

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Delta Removes Passenger After He Used the Bathroom
At the end of April, a man was removed from a Delta flight after he used the bathroom while the plane awaited takeoff on the tarmac. 

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Delta Worker Threatens Passengers With Jail Time
Early May, a Southern California family said they were kicked off an overbooked Delta flight because they refused to give up a seat they had bought for their young son sitting in a car seat. They were asked to have their son sit on their lap for the duration of the flight. They refused, saying they paid for the seat, to which the airline staff threatened the family with jail time.

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Spirit Airlines Riot
In May, Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport descended into total chaos after nine Spirit Airlines flights were canceled, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded and increasingly irate in the terminal. The cancellations were the result of a legal dispute between the budget airline and the Air Line Pilots Association International. 

 Courtesy of Jary Romero/Handout via REUTERS

Teen Trapped in Airport Alone Overnight
According to CBC News, a 15-year-old boy was "trapped" overnight in an airport alone when Air Canada rebooked him on another flight after he missed his original one. However, the flight was almost 24 hours later and the airline did not offer him any accommodation or vouchers for food. Because he is a minor, he could not get a hotel room, he says.

(Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Passenger Forced to Pee in a Cup
Also in May, a passenger claimed she was forced to pee in a cup aboard a United flight after flight attendants told her she wasn’t allowed to use the lavatory until the pilot had turned off the fasten seatbelt sign.

The woman, who had an overactive bladder, was told the flight attendant would be filing a report about the incident.

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Faced with not a lot of good choices, the Hawaiian Airlines pilot decided to return to Honolulu--much to the dismay of the many passengers on the flight.

But, as you might imagine, turning around a large jetliner, refueling said jetliner, finding new flights for inconvenienced passengers, and paying for maintenance and a new crew does not come cheap.

In fact, the unruly passenger was just ordered by a federal judge to pay Hawaiian Airlines a grand total of $98,817 for his prolonged adventure in la-la land (plus three months' probation). Fortunately for him, he was not required by the judge to reimburse the airline for $46,900 in meal vouchers it handed out as a goodwill gesture to inconvenienced passengers.

When this wayward passenger pleaded guilty in court, he explained to the judge that he didn't "remember much" about the events onboard the Hawaiian Airlines flight.


So, the lesson from this story is simple. A drink or two to calm your nerves might be okay, but if you're tempted to push it beyond that, think twice. You might find yourself wondering why you're in Honolulu instead of New York City.

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