Woman warns others after finding live worms 'wriggling' around in her Costco salmon

A Chula Vista, California, woman is warning others after she found three live worms inside the salmon she bought at Costco last week.

The woman, identified only as Sylvia, told KGTV that she purchased two packages of sockeye salmon at the Costco on H Street to cook for a family party on Saturday.

But when Sylvia went to prepare the fish, she noticed at least three worms "wriggling" around inside one of the fillets. 

"It was sick, I was sick. I was like … until now I can't even think about it; my stomach is still like scrambling," she told the outlet. "I wish I did not see it."

Sylvia claims that she immediately brought the product back to the store and was given a full refund. 

After KGTV reached out to the Costco where the salmon was purchased, a corporate communications coordinator told the station, "Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a response at this time."

After her ordeal, Sylvia says she believes that Costco should have to label any of its products that come with a risk of worms.

"At least let the consumer know, that's all," she said.

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