Nearly half of Americans think saving money on a flight is better than sex, wine and beer

If airfare was consistently cheap, we'd all probably be flying to the destinations at the top of our bucket lists.

And though other factors — Such as paid time off, accommodation costs and general spending money — play into planning a vacation or visit, it's no secret that airfare is often the biggest hurdle in getting to where we want to be.

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That's why it should come as no surprise that most Americans are elated when they can snag a deal on a cheap flight — Some might even say they, er, get off to it.

According to a new study by Priceline, nearly half of Americans who have booked flights within the last year claim that the feeling they get when they score a major saving on a flight is better than sex.

Yep folks, you heard it here first: A grand 44 percent of Americans derive more pleasure from booking a cheap flight than they do from good old-fashioned intercourse!

What a time (and economy) to be alive for!

The same study also found that a whopping 75 percent (yes, nearly 3/4) of Americans think that finding a sweet deal on a flight is even better than throwing back some beer or wine.

Maybe there's a deeper meaning to all of this, as 28 percent of respondents said they feel smart when they save money booking flights.

Deduction: Americans find more fulfillment in feeling intelligent than they do from momentary pleasures?

Even though that might be a stretch you would need extra legroom for, the bottom line is that Americans love saving on flights and doing so strategically — Because nearly 1 out of every 3 Americans have booked their lights at a specific time of day thinking that it'll help them save more.

So no matter what really gets you going, no judgement here — We can all appreciate a long and hard cheap flight.


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