Ridiculous Craigslist ad for absurd 'personal assistant' position goes viral

Unemployment is a much discussed topic and, in a town like San Francisco, good paying jobs are a necessity to afford their astronomical housing prices.

If you love dogs and infantile adult humans, here's a Craigslist ad promising $25-30 dollars an hour to serve as their personal assistant. The only price is all of your dignity and most of your time.

The ad describes their harrowing life problems because of their busy schedule saying: "We're resorting to unhealthy take-out and processed foods."

I'm increasingly convinced that part of their problem is that they don't know what they want. In one paragraph they say they want someone full-time or part time, then go on to describe the commitment as 40 hours a week and 24/7.

See the ad in all its ridiculous glory:

It's also clear that this couple gives preference to those it deems cool enough giving bonus points to someone who watches Game of Thrones.

They require a video response and one can't help but wonder if this is just an attempt to get license to use videos of people applying for a fake job.

Not that anyone on the internet would do something like that.