LinkedIn finds this is New Yorkers' favorite city to work in (besides New York, of course)

LinkedIn crunched the numbers and found that some New Yorkers love this other American city almost as much as they love the Big Apple.

I love New York!

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I just got back from my annual trek to the Big Apple and I can still feel the buzz from those few days pounding the pavement and sampling a few of the finer things in America's biggest, most bodacious city.

New Yorkers are a proud bunch, aren't they? They love their city, and they aren't afraid to show it, either. Which makes me wonder what's behind a new trend that LinkedIn identified in its most recent Workforce Report.

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According to LinkedIn, which has access to troves of data about the skills and preferences of its 138 million US-based members, New Yorkers are starting to pack up their things and head west to Los Angeles.

Wait, what?

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That's right. According to LinkedIn, New York is Los Angeles's single biggest source of talent, and Los Angeles is New York's biggest brain drain destination. Of people leaving New York in the past year, more went to Los Angeles than to any other city. And of all people moving to Los Angeles, more came from New York than from any other city.

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For every 10,000 LinkedIn members in Los Angeles, 7.3 moved from New York in the past 12 months. In comparison, only 2.8 people moved to Los Angeles from Chicago, number two on Los Angeles's list of migration gain sources.

Of course, population may account for some of the disparity in absolute migration numbers: with 8.5 million people, New York City is nearly three times the size of Chicago, which has 2.7 million people.

Despite having very different climates and cultural styles, LinkedIn says New York and Los Angeles actually share a lot in common when it comes to their job markets: an abundance of theater and drama, fashion, and graphic design skills, and a scarcity of sales, healthcare management, and education skills.

Nothing seems to faze New Yorkers, and this latest study by LinkedIn is unlikely to make them particularly concerned about the possibility of a serious exodus to the West, especially since it appears that Angelenos have a thing for New York. Los Angeles and New York City are each number three on the other's list, LinkedIn's data shows. Angelenos love moving to the Big Apple, too.

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