'I don't serve cops': People are calling for a Dunkin' Donuts boycott after police officers were reportedly refused service

Police are boycotting Dunkin' Donuts after two cops were reportedly refused service.

According to the New York Post sources, a cashier ignored two officers attempting to order at a Dunkin' Donuts in Brooklyn last week. The Dunkin' Donuts employee reportedly told another customer "I don't serve cops."

After the news broke, the New York City Detectives' Endowment Association, a local police union, encouraged members to boycott the coffee-and-donut chain.


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Dunkin' Donuts employees said that the issue was simply a mix-up as to where to order. Additionally, the company apologized for the incident — but it seems as though the damage is done.

The Post reported that a police office refused to give directions to a Dunkin' Donuts on Sunday, and that police unions have called Dunkin's explanation "an insult."

"No D&D in the 7-3," said a sergeant carrying a tray of generic, non-Dunkin' Donuts coffee into the 73rd Precinct station house, according to the Post.

Boycott threats have also continued to swirl online.

"I am never going to Dunkin Donuts again," reads one of many angry comments on Dunkin' Donut's Facebook page. "What you did to those policemen was terrible, how dare you."

"Your organization should be ashamed of themselves!!!" another commenter wrote. "Refusing to serve ANYONE is inexcusable. WHY would you refuse to serve police officers???"

"Dunkin' Donuts sincerely regrets this situation, and we apologize to the two police officers who were left unattended in the store," the company responded to one Facebook comment.

"We have a long history of supporting the NYPD and we take great pride in the number of officers our restaurants serve every day," Dunkin' Donuts' comment continued. "We continue to have conversations with the parties involved and we are hopeful for a satisfactory conclusion."

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